Release Notes

RELEASE VERSION: 2nd February 2023

SNM - S3 - Tenant Feature. ‘Serial Number Mask’ IM-12943

New Tenant Feature ‘ Add Serial Number Mask’
New Feature Item Management

SNM - S2 - Tenant Feature. ‘Enable SN Tracking’ IM-12940

New Tenant Feature ‘ Enable Serial Number Tracking’
New Feature Item Management

SNM - S1 - Create New Item Type ‘Serialized’ IM-12939

New Item Type ‘Serialized’ now configurable
New Feature Item Management

RELEASE VERSION: 31st January 2023

Matrix - Multicopy for Local Price Not Copied Correctly IM-13290

Fixed issue where multicopy for Local Price was not copied
Bug Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 26th January 2023

Stocktake Task Service IM-13286

Resolved issue where starting a recount would cause an error whilst trying to create the new count.
Bug Stock Management

RELEASE VERSION: 25th January 2023

Inventory Matrix Copy item details not working IM-12839

Inventory Matrix Copy item details not working
Bug Inventory

Item Movement Shows incorrect additional Entries IM-13016

Inventory - Bug Fixed Item movement shows correct movement for transfers
Bug Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 24th January 2023

Item Creation Vendors List No Longer Alphabetical IM-12903

Vendors dropdown when creating an item now in Alphabetical order
Bug Inventory Item Management UX

Can’t save a vendor with a Duplicate VendorNO IM-12953

Fixed issue with general error message when creating a vendor with duplicated number

Offline Stock - Moving an item to Vendor Return or Another Shop doubles the loss of item qty when actioned. IM-13155

Fixed issue when ,moving items out of offline stock that doubled the loss of item qty when actioned
Bug Inventory

OSD requiring ORB opening first IM-13208

Fixed issue on OSD where it was required to open ORB first
Bug Order Ready Board Order Status Display

RELEASE VERSION: 23rd January 2023

DisplayName Column Show Twice IM-12902

Fixed issue with header labels in Modifiers group
Bug Product Configurator

RELEASE VERSION: 18th January 2023

POSAdminUI - Hide Chart on POS IM-12776

Resolved issue where the chart was not displaying regardless of boolean setting within POS Options
Bug Pos Admin

RELEASE VERSION: 17th January 2023

Include Text and List type Custom Item Attributes values in Elastic Search IM-12989

Include Text and List type Custom Item Attributes values in Elastic Search
New Feature Inventory POS

ms-promotion - Update to dotnet 6.0 IM-10745

New Feature TBC

RELEASE VERSION: 16th January 2023

remove node-sass from RBO IM-13271

remove node-sass from RBO
Technical Debt RBO

Inventory –> Receive Goods unable to ‘Save and Commit’ new GRN IM-12832

Fixed issue where Save and commit button was disabled after filling the fields
Bug Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 12th January 2023

Unique Sequential Number barcode label template variable. IM-12894

Additional Label Template variable {SequenceNo} added
New Feature Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 11th January 2023

Stock Take - Auto fill “Show counts for section” IM-13025

Auto fill Show counts in StockTake
New Feature Stock Management

OOP S5: Send alert to SS Companion for Out of Paper IM-11712

OOP S5: Send alert to SS Companion for Out of Paper
New Feature SCO

gw-orb - Update to dotnet 6.0 IM-10679

gw-orb - Update to dotnet 6.0
New Feature TBC

ms-stockmanagement - Update to dotnet 6.0 IM-10757

ms-stockmanagement - update to dotnet 6.0
New Feature Stock Management

RELEASE VERSION: 9th January 2023

POS Admin [Receipt setup]: It does not allow to add blank lines IM-13022

Fixed issue where was not possible to insert blank lines in Receipt setup
Bug Pos Admin

Public API - GET StockTakeHeaders date filters not accurate IM-12917

Resolved issue where date filters were not accurately reflected in filter. Note there is a new POST endpoint for StockTakeHeaders, please see the swagger page for details.
Bug Public API

MovementType: Receipt should be Renamed to Receive Goods IM-12813

Renamed ‘Receipt’ to ‘Receive Goods’ in Item ->Movement type
Bug Inventory

Inventory > Item Import requires manufacturer item number IM-13101

Fixed issue where manufacturer item number were required on item import
Bug Inventory

Product Configurator - Create/Updating Bundle Giving Error 500 IM-13064

We can now create and update bundle successfully
Bug Product Configurator

RELEASE VERSION: 20th December 2022

NumberGen connection string IM-13206

Resolved issue where connection string was expiring causing login errors and ultimately application errors
Bug NumberGeneration

OSD: 500 error when loading OSD IM-13215

Fixed issue where OSD was failing to load due to invalid data
Bug Order Status Display

RELEASE VERSION: 14th December 2022

Fixes to sales report to get it up to par with Item report IM-13197

Analysis - Fixes to Sales Beta to bring it in line with Item Beta
Technical Debt Analysis

SQL fix for sales report IM-13188

Analysis - Sales Beta SQL Fix.
Technical Debt Analysis

RELEASE VERSION: 13th December 2022

Custom Attribute ID Mismatch GW/UI/MS IM-13183

Fixed issue with CA ID mismatch
Bug Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 8th December 2022

ItemMS: remove Index constraint from itm.vendor IM-12954

Removed Index constraint from itm.vendor
Bug Item Management

RELEASE VERSION: 6th December 2022

Simple POS Wakeup Request IM-13006

Fixed issue where Simple POS sent an empty Body in the post request
Bug Simple POS

Fix the issue with PPE in SimplePOS IM-12710

Fixed issue where basketusesppe is was false in simple pos gateway
Bug Basket Simple POS

RELEASE VERSION: 1st December 2022

Stock Take - Item of previous stock take is reselected IM-13021

Fixed issue where an item from a previous stock take was automatically reselected when counting a new stock take
Bug Stock Management

Sales(beta) and Items(beta) analysis returns an error when ‘Group by Columns’ is used IM-13099

Fixed issue where grouping by columns in Item analysis and sales beta returned error
Bug Analysis

Fixed issue where Item (Beta) and My analysis redirected to dashboard when within the analysis module
Bug Analysis Portal

ANL - Change filter box format on Sales and Item Analyses IM-13106

Analysis filter box controls changed to make better use of space, Superficial UI only.
New Feature Analysis

RELEASE VERSION: 17th November 2022

ANL 3.6 Item Analysis KPIs IM-12672

Added KPI on Item Analysis
New Feature Analysis

SCO: Discounted values are sending across Micros IM-13056

Resolved issue where discounted value sent to Micros rather than full value
Bug Self Checkout

RELEASE VERSION: 14th November 2022

Incorrect Cost Price being picked up by Purchase Order IM-12881

New PO now takes Vendor Cost as default Last Cost
New Feature Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 9th November 2022

SCO: Discounted values are sending across Micros IM-13056

Resolved issue where discounted value sent to Micros rather than full value
Bug Self Checkout

STK-S2-Take User to Newly Created Stock Take and Calculation Form IM-12559

After calculating the ST it will redirect the user to the remembered filter list
New Feature Inventory

Public API - not returning null fields IM-13098

Fixed issue where null fields were not being returned
Technical Debt

RELEASE VERSION: 8th November 2022

Stock Take - Reset overview leaves date fields blank IM-13024

Fixed issue where Reset left date fields blank in Stocktake
Bug Stock Management

STK-S1-Retain filter options on return to initial form IM-12563

Retain filter options on return to stock take submenu
New Feature Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 7th November 2022

POS/Inventory - trying to print labels gives 500 error IM-12898

Fixed issue where printing label were giving a 500 error
Bug Inventory NumberGeneration POS

RELEASE VERSION: 3rd November 2022

Sales Analysis does not include sales of Item Groups IM-12929

Included Sales of item groups in Sales(Beta)
New Feature Analysis

MS-SearchAggregator throwing errors IM-11769

Fixed issue where Ms-Searchaggregator was throwing errors whenever an item was created or updated
Bug Search

RELEASE VERSION: 2nd November 2022

ANL 3.5 Item Analysis UI save report IM-12671

Check Save Item report works
New Feature Analysis

STK-S3- Hide the ‘Physical Location’ column from the Stocktake Discrepancy list and show shop and title. IM-12561

Removed ‘physical location’ column from stocktake discrepancy
New Feature Inventory

ANL – S2.3.3 - ‘My Analysis’ to show all User Saved Reports component IM-12827

My Analysis’ to show all User Saved Reports component
New Feature Analysis

Image Management UI is broken IM-13043

fixed the issue where image management had lost style
Bug Item Management

Elastic Search Reindex fails on large tenant IM-11428

Fixed issue where on large datasets when performing a reindex through ms-searchaggregator failed with an error
Bug Search

Change portalRefreshToken and portalApiToken cookie
New Feature Platform Support

RELEASE VERSION: 27th October 2022

DeviceWorkerGW - WakeUp Call Failing IM-13001

Fixed issue where wakeup call was failing
Bug Connector

OSD - ‘main item’ issued a different OrderId to the rest of the order meaning comments are not shown on OSD IM-12834

OSD - Main item orderid different to the rest of the order meaning comments are not shown
Bug Order Status Display

TOP Total amount to pay not in local currency IM-12793

Fixed issue in TOP total amount to pay was not in local currency

POS Admin - Receipt Setup won’t load if there is an empty field IM-12890

Fixed issue where Receipt setup didn’t load if there was an empty field
Bug Pos Admin

Public API - GRN close endpoint is returning a 400 IM-13002

Fixed issue where GRN close endpoint was returning 400 in the Public api
Bug Public API

Public API - Kiosk import endpoint Duplicate Barcodes/ItemNos IM-12787

Fixed issue with the Kiosk Import Item endpoint where it would fail to import further items if an error occurred.
Bug Item Management

RELEASE VERSION: 17th October 2022

ms-kiosk - Update to dotnet 6.0 IM-10729

Kiosk MS updated to dotnet 6.0
New Feature TBC

gw-kiosk : Endpoint “Basket/createdetailed” Throw Error IM-12554

Bug All_GW’s

CPN - App back button stops working after choosing Which PO/Transfer to Receive. IM-12773

App back button stops working
Bug Store Companion

Old Sidebar Self Serve Admin (Imagine Portal Menu) IM-11522

Fixed issue where Self Serve Admin and submenus redirects to the menu
Bug Portal

PromotionMS: Missing mapping from promotion -> promotionsimpleVM IM-12551

Bug Price and Promotion Engine

Old sidebar on Product Configurator (imagine Portal Menu) IM-12816

New sidebar in Product Configurator
Bug Portal Product Configurator

Bin Icon Needs to be removed from Transfer In IM-11750

Removed bin icon from Transfer In
Bug Inventory

Stock Adjustment Created with default date IM-12570

Fixed issue where stock adjustment were created with the default date ‘0001-01-01
Bug Public API Stock Management

Item Creation - Success Message appears for Picture not deleted IM-11379

Delete button is now disabled until an item is selected
Bug Inventory

Stock doesn’t recognise the alternate barcodes IM-12858

Resolved issue where file import within Stocktake is not recognising alternate barcodes for items
Bug Inventory Stock Management

Delete a Promotion in PPE IM-12224

Soft delete can now be performed on PPE Promotion
New Feature Price and Promotion Engine

Identity - Tenant Deletion exclude inactive tenants IM-12201

Fixed issue where inactive tenants are notified that their tenant is not being actively used
New Feature Identity

OOP S2: SS Admin setting for “Disable SCO when out of paper” IM-11708

Admin can now disable Sco printer when out of paper
New Feature Self Serve Admin

OOP S1.5: Implement the PaperStatus() value IM-11913

PaperStatus value now stored to local POS storage
New Feature Connector

ANL - S0.5 - Configure Row Limits for Analyses IM-12759

Configure Row Limits for Analyses
New Feature Analysis Portal

SCO - update translations IM-12434

SCO Translations
New Feature SCO

Add ids to plus/minus btns in selfserve IM-12712

ID attributes not working on self serve app and It`s been reverted back to previous version
Technical Debt SelfServe Components

RELEASE VERSION: 13th October 2022

Update Connector Compose variables IM-9572

Connector compose variables updated
New Feature Platform Admin

RELEASE VERSION: 11th October 2022

Public API - GET StockTakeHeaders returning 415 error IM-12909

Fixed issue where PublicAPI GET StockTakeHeaders returned 415 error

This change is made on a new version of the API endpoint, the current version will be deprecated 1 year from the release date above, for more information on the request/response models please refer to the swagger documentation

Bug Public API

RELEASE VERSION: 7th October 2022

Connector suddenly gone from admin/tenant IM-12874

Resolved issue where connector details removed when adding a new connector
Bug Connector

RELEASE VERSION: 6th October 2022

Companion: Issues with PO and stocktake IM-12893

Fixed issue where could not load scheduled stock take and submit a PO in Companion
Bug Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 5th October 2022

DSW IDM: Reset Delta from Asset execution IM-11431

Reset Delta is available in IDM Delete Deletion Method
New Feature DSW-Asset: IDM

DSW - IDM Add Where Clause IM-11068

Add ‘Where’ clause
New Feature DSW-Asset: IDM

BI GW - 404 Not Found when calling Vendors IM-12885

Fixed issue where Vendor endpoint not found on the gateway
Bug BI Gateway

RELEASE VERSION: 4th October 2022

Public API - CurrencyCode needs adding as required field for creating GRN IM-12479

CurrencyCode now required field via API, opening created GRN in UI now shows items as currency set.
Bug Public API

RELEASE VERSION: 3rd October 2022

Bug with cancel warning on item creation IM-10102

Removed the toast when cancelling the item creation
Bug Backoffice

Port AdminUI(Expansions) to Angular 12 IM-11201

Port AdminUI(Expansions) to Angular 12
Technical Debt

ms-micros - Update to dotnet 6.0 IM-10730

ms-micros - Update to dotnet 6.0
New Feature TBC

PoS Admin - Expand expansions to include all Shop Features IM-12529

Added all shop features in POS Admin
New Feature Pos Admin

POM - S0 VendorMS IM-12064

New Feature Item Management

Master item sorting IM-10526

Master item sort
New Feature Search

POM - S0.6 Microservices for vendors IM-12425

Remove Vendor models and functionality in ItemMS and StockMS
New Feature Item Management

POM - S0.5 IM-12079

Point the Gateways to the new VendorMS
New Feature Item Management

ANL 3.4 Item Analysis MS SQL query IM-12653

Created new endpoints and query that would produce the expected Dataset for the UI
New Feature Analysis

CPN - Remove Word ‘Test’ from Expected Items lines. IM-12758

CPN - Remove Word ‘Test’ from Expected Items lines
Bug Store Companion

CPN - Items with long descriptions do not format properly in companion for receipts. IM-12700

Fixed issue where Items with long names did not format properly when receiving a PO in Companion
Bug Store Companion

NumgenMS: EAN validation IM-12689

Better suggestion on the valid checksum message
Bug NumberGeneration

SCO - 500 error when processing a payment IM-12602

SCO 500 payment error fixed on test environment.

CPN - Consolidate Scanned Quantities in Receive PO IM-12698

Fixed issue where scanning the same barcode to receive items against a PO created different entries for the same item
Bug Store Companion

PO will not accept new prices IM-12780

PO will not accept new prices
Bug Inventory

ANL - Sales Analysis {Sales (Beta)} over reporting transaction quantities, sales, tax, profit, cost. IM-12817

Over Reporting of Sales Fixed
Bug Analysis

Public API - Upsert Master Items Query paramater for Vendor/Item Groups IM-11974

Added new endpoints to API to check if Item Hierarchy or Vendor already exists, returns Boolean value.
New Feature Public API

Public API refresh token flow IM-11698

Fixed Integration identity so that the public API refresh token is only generated if this is explicitly requested.
Technical Debt Public API

MS-NumGen: Update .NET 6 IM-12687

MS-NumGen: Update .NET 6
Technical Debt NumberGeneration

MS-Analysis: Some SQL errors found IM-12696

Fixed issue where leaving DateTime empty was giving error
Bug Analysis

ANL - (Sales) Persist Error/Info Messages IM-12677

Error Messages persist until acknowledgement.
Bug Analysis

Weighted Average Cost Calculated Incorrectly IM-12703

Weighted Average Cost Calculated Incorrectly
Bug Inventory

Inventory - Custom Attributes of type Text are showing as item-creation.attributes-tab.undefined Data Type IM-12693

Fixed issue where Custom Attributes of type Text were showing as item-creation.attributes
Bug Inventory

Figures Tab on Item Card Not Showing Cost Price and On-Hand Value IM-12706

Figures Tab on Item Card Not Showing Cost Price and On-Hand Value
Bug Inventory

PO and Vendor Return Order No should be unique IM-12757

PO and Vendor Return Order now checked for uniqueness
Bug Inventory

Item Import UI - Error on uploading an file for the 2nd time IM-10924

Fixed issue when uploading a file for the 2nd time in item import
Bug Inventory

‘From Shop’ field in Item Movements for ‘Vendor Return’ not populated. IM-10484

Fixed issue where ‘from shop’ was not shown in the vendor return
Bug Inventory

Inventory - Custom Attributes give a 500 error on Name IM-11742

Added a proper error message when entering a CA name longer than 20 characters
Bug Inventory

PO/GRN - Different Print Label Icons IM-9739

Fixed issue where different icons from print label were shown in PO and in GRN
Bug Inventory

Inventory - various bug fixes in Custom Attributes (Make the Type column show the types name) IM-12015

Show the type of Custom Attributes instead of the number
Bug Inventory

Card transaction in progress flag stuck on true IM-12648

Bug Fix -Card transaction in progress flag stuck on true
Bug POS Transaction

Incorrect Cost Prices Showing on Item Card Summary and Matrix Tabs IM-12705

Incorrect Cost Prices Showing on Item Card Summary and Matrix Tabs
Bug Inventory

Public API: Sales itemgroup mapping IM-12679

Fixed issue where creating a transaction through the sales endpoint without the itemgroup returned a transaction with itemgroup = 0
Bug Public API

GET Vendor via Public API IM-12604

Bug Public API

POST Vendor via Public API Not Generating VendorNo IM-12603

Bug Public API

Public API - MasterItemId needs adding to the Sales endpoint for reporting IM-12607

Bug Public API

Inventory: Issues erasing search IM-11440

Fixed issue where redoing a search after clicking the backspace button causes the result list to remain and displays [object object]
Bug Inventory

Inventory -> Logs -> Clear Filters Button is not Working IM-11650

Filter button is now working in Inventory Logs
Bug Inventory

Public API - Stocktake count POST error IM-12867

Bug Public API

InternetStores - New Stocktakes have no items added to them IM-12835

Fixed issue where creating a full stocktake returned a 524 error
Bug Inventory Stock Management

gw-publicapi - Update to dotnet 6.0 IM-10690

Public API GW updated to .net 6
New Feature TBC

RELEASE VERSION: 29th September 2022

NumgenMS: Fix GetNext() IM-12646

Fixed issue where NextNumber could return an already used number
Bug NumberGeneration

Delete Return to Vendor: Issue on the pop up text IM-10376

Fixed text to delete return to vendor

RELEASE VERSION: 26th September 2022

Payment Breakdown returning a 500 in some cases. IM-12853

Payment Breakdown OK
Technical Debt SelfServe Components

RELEASE VERSION: 25th September 2022

Additional Changes to the Analysis UI IM-12471

Additional Changes to the Analysis UI
Technical Debt

Port AdminUI(Button Management) to Angular 12 IM-11200

Port AdminUI(Button Management) to Angular 12
Technical Debt Pos Admin

Customer Display: POS Admin is missing display selector IM-11942

Added display selector in POS Admin
Bug Pos Admin

Port AdminUI(Receipt Setup) to Angular 12 IM-11197

Port Receipt Setup to Angular 12
Technical Debt

Add Totals to Vendor Return Document IM-11919

Inventory - Vendor Return - Cost totals now show correctly
New Feature Inventory

PoS Admin - Button Management requires dxi-items to be removed and added IM-12345

POS Admin - Button management
New Feature Backoffice Pos Admin

Port AdminUI - Shop Setup - Gift & Voucher Setup IM-11452

Port AdminUI -> Shop Setup to POS Admin
Technical Debt Pos Admin

Show character count on header and footer in the receipt setup
New Feature Pos Admin

POS UI version number IM-12227

Removed -dev suffix from the POS version
Technical Debt

G00090 - S4 -Using Item Info’s at POS IM-12372

Using Item info at POS
New Feature Backoffice

G00090 - S3 - Ordering Item Infos IM-12371

Ordering Item info should persist
New Feature Backoffice

COM - S2 - Customer Order to Pick, Pack and Dispatch IM-11518

Describes the functionality pick, pack and dispatch the order.
New Feature POS

COM - S3 - Automated API Tests IM-11830

Postman suite that covers CustomerOrder tests
New Feature Web Order

COM - S1 - Modify Customer Order List at POS IM-11516

Added detailed summary information for all non-closed customer orders
New Feature POS

POS: Issues on E-mail receipt copy IM-10503

Added validation in the email receipt copy

POSUI - Discount Reason Text overlaps with ReasonId IM-10971

Fixed issue where discount code overlaps the discount reason text in POS

Keyboard not showing correctly for input type email IM-10796


PoS - the shift/caps lock key is not obvious on the on-screen keyboard IM-11206

Added a shift key when adding a customer in POS

RELEASE VERSION: 20th September 2022

New Stocktakes have no items added to them IM-12835

Hotfix stock service, stock take creation timing out when tenant contains a large amount of items
Bug Stock Management Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 14th September 2022

TOP Going to wrong table, Not Clearing Cache IM-12697

Fixed issue the order went to the wrong table in TOP

RELEASE VERSION: 13th September 2022

Kiosk Basket Issues IM-12763

Fixed issue when adding items with no modifies and with modifies
Bug Kiosk

RELEASE VERSION: 8th September 2022

To assist with diagnosing problems with the Kiosk UI we want to add Log Rocket IM-12756

Log Rocket added to Kiosk UI
Technical Debt

RELEASE VERSION: 23rd August 2022

Only 1 action is logged while changing available loyalty points and clearing quarantine IM-10654

Logged 2 actions when changing available loyalty points
Bug Customer

Clearing loyalty points from quarantine IM-12597

Fixed issue when saving loyalty points
Bug Customer

RELEASE VERSION: 18th August 2022

Collection 3 of Changes to ANL- S1 - Sales Analysis (IM-11573) IM-12498

A collection of changes to the UI with regard to the saving and recalling of reports.
Bug Analysis

Collection 2 of Changes to ANL- S1 - Sales Analysis (IM-11573) IM-12477

Fixed issues in the UI of Sales Analysis
Bug Analysis

A collection of Issues/bugs/changes to IM-11573 (ANL - S1 - Sales Analysis) IM-12437

Fixed some issues on the ticket IM-11573

ANL – S2 - Recalling and Saving Analysis Reports IM-11661

Add the ability to save analysis reports
New Feature Analysis

Collection 4 of Changes to ANL- S1 - Sales Analysis (IM-11573) IM-12543

A collection of changes to the UI with regard to the saving and recalling of reports.
Bug Analysis

ANL - S1.5 - Sales Analysis UI IM-11992

UI for Sales Report
New Feature Analysis

RELEASE VERSION: 17th August 2022

Collection 6 of Changes to ANL- S1 - Sales Analysis (IM-11573) IM-12614

A collection of changes to the UI with regard to the saving and recalling of reports.
Bug Analysis

RELEASE VERSION: 2nd August 2022

Public API - CurrencyCode needs adding as required field for creating GRN IM-12479

CurrencyCode now required field via API, opening created GRN in UI now shows items as currency set.
Bug Public API

RELEASE VERSION: 26th July 2022

Intersolve: Card details are not printed in the receipt IM-11729

Fixed issue where card details were not printed in the receipt
Bug IntersolveUI

Item Import Vendor Xref duplicate IM-12450

Fix implemented to stop duplicate key entries being created for item and vendor
Bug Item Management

Change button to not be enabled by default in Trimit IM-10981

Trimit - Not a member by default
New Feature POS

Kiosk UI - Bulgarian language support IM-12399

Add Bulgarian language support for Ikea
New Feature Kiosk

Stock movement event IM-12524

Technical Debt

RELEASE VERSION: 14th July 2022

Customer [Company]: Some fields are not validated IM-9115

Added validation on Add Company
Bug Customer

SimplePOS TOP POP itemLine issues IM-12040

Item Line issue for all Self serve fixed
Bug SelfServe Components

BasketMS: Fragile implementation - Using app can get into “limbo” mode in certain circumstances IM-11673

Resolved issue where BasketMS could get in limbo if connection lost before sale completed
Bug Kiosk POP SelfServe Components Simple POS TOP

TOP/POP -> Update Order button is greyed out after editing the Order IM-12039

TOP/POP update order button bug

Blank text field in receipt text is not showing IM-12028

Blank text fields within receipt setup now reflected on receipt preview and applied to printed receipt.
Bug Admin

Unable to add new custom payment type IM-11025

Fixed issue where we could not save new payment type in Backoffice
Bug Backoffice

Customer - cannot save Currency to an existing customer IM-11470

Fixed issue where we could not save currency to an existing customer
Bug Customer

Back-Office Label Template - Required Field Toaster Change IM-9738

Backoffice Label Template toaster change
Bug Backoffice

Custom payment types not on cash statement. IM-9269


Sales graph on the POS adding an additional 0 to the sales price IM-12036

Bug Fix POS graph showing additional 0

RELEASE VERSION: 12th July 2022

Integration MS: JSON payload not stored or retrieved after .Net upgrade IM-12368

Fixed issue where json payload was not retrieved after .NET upgrade
Bug Integrations

RELEASE VERSION: 27th June 2022

Public API - Master item Upsert IM-12400

ItemNo now set to allow 20 characters
Bug Item Management Public API

Item Management / Public API - CSV import validation IM-12213

Uploading CSV with email parameter will send any error message with upload to address given
Bug Item Management Public API

RELEASE VERSION: 9th June 2022

Inventory - Tax Code not saving against Item Hierarchy IM-12398

Fixed issue where Tax Code was not saving against the Item Hierarchy
Bug Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 24th May 2022

MTD - time zones back from UTC cause incorrect dates in Submitted form IM-11884

Fixed an issue where time zones less that UTC caused an issue with the incorrect date being submitted for transactions
Bug Making Tax Digital

RELEASE VERSION: 19th May 2022

ms-shopify - Update to dotnet 5.0 IM-10755

ms Shopify dotnet update 5.0
New Feature TBC

Simple PoS - > Failed Transaction when using Virtual Connector to make Payment IM-11994

Can now process payment successfully as the Virtual connection issue as been fixed
Bug SimplePOS

Import count list stocktake doesn’t work IM-12343

Stocktake - bug fix import count list
Bug Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 16th May 2022

Integration API - Error 500 returned on gw-integration/api/v1.0/ItemHierarchys IM-12195

Fixed issue where error 500 given when adding Item Hierarchy via Integration API
Bug Integrations

RELEASE VERSION: 12th May 2022

PoS - I cannot enter a phone number in the E168 format with the on-screen keyboard IM-11207

POS/Customer setting to allow placeholder of + to be added to customer phone number for use with cashier entered country codes

Item List - Printing barcodes - ValidateBarcode is null IM-12214

Fixed validation issue to print a label
Bug Inventory

Stock MS - aggregate purchase order lines IM-12220

Fixed issue where could not send 2 lines on a PO from the same item
Bug Stock Management

RELEASE VERSION: 10th May 2022

ISV - S9.0 Improvements request by Intersolve IM-11846

Improvements request by Intersolve
New Feature IntersolveGW IntersolveMS POS POS Gateway

GRN: Open existing GRN is not showing details IM-12063

Fixed issue where GRN details were not displayed
Bug Inventory

Can’t save an Item with a ItemTag IM-12199

Fixed issue where editing an item that has a tag triggered a 500 error code
Bug Inventory

Stock Movements - 0 Quantity IM-9845

Fixed issue where a movement with quantity 0 was created
Bug Stock Management

When creating a Gift certificate when returning an item two receipts are printed out. IM-10865

Fixed issue where using gift card to pay a return 2 gift certificates were printed

Inventory - Discount labels not recognised for 0 to 9 and 100% discounts IM-11425

Fixed issue with Discount Labels not recognising integers 1 - 9 and 100
Bug Inventory POS


USG - S1 - Shop Groups IM-11770

Added User shop groups under Portal Menu
New Feature Portal

RELEASE VERSION: 27th April 2022

Public API- ItemImport broken endpoint IM-11856

Fixed issue with uploading file to itemImport endpoint
Bug Public API

ItemMS: itemImport is not working IM-11959

Fixed issue where importing items via excel file and specifying shopId caused GRN generation to fail
Bug Item Management

Inventory - refreshing the Stock Lookup screen causes a 400 error IM-11372

Labels - Inventory Stock Lookup Adjustment Refresh Not Showing Error
Bug Inventory

PublicApi - Imported items are not showing in Inventory IM-12054

Resolved issue where items imported through the Public API were not showing in the Inventory.
Bug Item Management Public API

Public API - CSV import IM-12018

Fixed issue where CSV Imports were not working
Bug Item Management Public API

G00057 - S5 - Offline Stock - Other Offline Actions IM-8652

Added the possibility to transfer offline stock to another stock store location
New Feature RBO

COM - S0 - Web Order API Enhancements IM-11538

Enhancement on the web order API to support picking functionality
New Feature POS

COM - S0.5 - Web Order Configuration IM-11540

Added Customer Orders page and holding period set to 2 in POSAdmin
New Feature POS

Customer - Unable to distinguish between customers with the same name IM-11910

Customer - Groups now shows customer unique ID.
New Feature Customer

Default Currency to Shop Currency on Goods Receipt IM-11807

Default Currency to Shop Currency on Goods Receipt
New Feature Inventory

CustomerGW Dotnet 6 and C#10 IM-11604

CustomerGW Dotnet 6 update
Technical Debt

DSW UI Upgrade Angular Version IM-9358

The UI upgraded to Angular 9
Technical Debt

RELEASE VERSION: 22nd April 2022

SCO - fluctuating properties are being added/updated wrong IM-12058

Fixed issue where fluctuating properties were not saved correctly to the database
Bug Public API SCO

RELEASE VERSION: 20th April 2022

Profit Margin not available on item creation IM-9504

Inventory - Item creation now shows profit margin on item creation
Bug Backoffice

Inventory - prevent minus quantities on Vendor Return IM-11371

Inventory - Prevention of minus quantities.
Bug Inventory

OSD - Orders with no Display Category are being marked as Done immediately IM-10658

Fixed issue where order with no display category were not shown in the Order board
Bug Order Ready Board Order Status Display

G00090 - S1.1 - Creating Item Infos does not respect Bool Custom Attribute types IM-10617

Bug Fix - Item Information shows correct custom attributes
Bug Backoffice

Payment method CARD in the financial report IM-11839

Analysis - Bug Fix for cancelled payment types
Bug Analysis Reports

Item Creation - not able to edit Variants IM-12029

Fixed issue where could not edit variants in Item creation
Bug Inventory

token not refreshing in analysis module IM-11696

Analysis - Bug Fix module not refresh correctly
Bug Analysis

Customer Display: Showing item image IM-11940

Customer Display now searches variant for image first, then MasterItem and if none found will display no image
New Feature POS

Inventory - alternative thumb nails for Item List and other places IM-11829

Item images now duplicated to variants from MasterItem if empty and vice versa, they are not updated unless empty.
New Feature Inventory Product Configurator

Discount Label – Discount Price not Printed Correctly if the Decimal Place Ends with a Zero IM-9382

Labels - Dscounted price is printed correctly with decimal places on labels
New Feature Inventory Item Management

GCS - S1 - Create global setting ‘Allow Price Embedded Barcode at POS’ IM-11803

Option added to enable or disable 18 digit price embedded barcode function. By default this option is disabled. If required the option should be be enabled within the UI. There has been no functional change to how 18 digit barcodes are handled
New Feature Portal

Add currency code when entering cash statement values IM-11806

Added currency code label on the soft keyboard when entering cash statement values
New Feature POS

DSW HttpCaller: Importing API Auth - Duplication Issue IM-8978

Bug DSW: Copy Flow

DSW: Email - Send Payload UX IM-10534

Email - Send Payload UX
New Feature DSW-Asset: Email

DSW On Prem Agent - Deleting an Agent Tied to Connections 2 IM-10407

DSW - Deleting an Agent tied to connections
Bug DSW: On-Prem Agent

RELEASE VERSION: 5th April 2022

TOP/POP - Item Modifier Minimum Selection IM-9078

It is not possible to add an item to the basket that has mandatory modifier requirement without making a selection.

Using an iPad I can’t scroll the new composer tile modal IM-7697

Visual Composer - iPad can now see the add button (save)
Bug Self Serve Visual Composer

Using an Ipad I can’t edit a Composer Tile in Composer Group IM-7696

Visual Composer - Can now edit the composer tile on iPad
Bug Self Serve Visual Composer

Clerks - Local Shop Clerk setting not saved in UI. IM-9465

Fixed issue where local shop clerk was not saved
Bug Backoffice

Total On Hand in Item summary screen incorrect IM-11716

Inventory - Item List Total
Bug Inventory

Order Status Display print showing wrong order number IM-9613

Order Status Display - now showing the correct order number
Bug Order Status Display

Item Price showing Incorrectly on TOP and POP IM-11918

TOP and POP prices issue fixed and are now displaying correctly as Sales Price

Registered 3 times “Change” on receipt IM-11895

POS - Bug fixed for POS payments

Customer - Unable to clear dropdown boxes IM-11909

Customer - Clear language and Company box of selected incorrectly.
Bug Customer

Customer - Missing languages in dropdown IM-11908

Customer - Creation now showing more languages
Bug Customer

Version number missing on POS IM-10375

POS - Bug fixed version number now showing

PoS - Over payment on returns with split payments IM-11548

Fixed issue where POS accepted return a value greater than the item price on split payments

POSUI - PPE not working after a refund IM-11805

POS - PPE now working correctly after a refund.
Bug POS Price and Promotion Engine

Issue when using Account Payments IM-8907

Accounts Payments - Changes to not show in the POS Chart
Bug POS Reports

Customer Display: variant text displayed wrong IM-11939

Customer Display - fixed displayed variant text

RELEASE VERSION: 4th April 2022

OSD SQL Deadlocks IM-12008

Removed retry logic from the order status display UI ,Changed orb ms GET request to filter out done orders, this is used by the Order Ready Board and added logrocket to order status display
Technical Debt

RELEASE VERSION: 31st March 2022

Top/Pop/Kiosk Pricing not correct if additional qty added to a basket item IM-11991

Top/Pop and Kiosk pricing now showing correctly when additional quantity is added to the basket
Bug Kiosk POP TOP

Simple POS -> PPE not showing on the UI IM-11838

PPE discount not showing on Simple PoS was fixed so now User can see the amount of discount they on a particular item
Bug Simple POS

Kiosk - Printed receipt not correct IM-11949

Fixed issue where the total price on the receipt was not correct
Bug Kiosk

Inventory - PO, GRN Vendor Returns and Transfers: Issue on alert in the dropdowns IM-11464

Inventory - Alerts on mandatory fields not hiding the first selection in the dropdowns
Bug Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 28th March 2022

Order status display multi click IM-11960

Move Order button disabled after click until request completed to stop multiple clicks registering by mistake
Bug Order Status Display

RELEASE VERSION: 25th March 2022

Item Ms simple/itemid endpoint not returning fluctuating properties IM-11975

Fixed an issue with Item management which caused the SCO to send Bottle deposit item as a regular item instead of a condiment
Bug Item Management

Public API - Order endpoint time out IM-11892

Fixed an issue causing the order microservice to crash when adding new orders through the public api
Bug Order Ready Board

Orb MS - SQL Blocking from events IM-11958

ORB MS - SQL issue with events fixed
Bug Order Status Display

RELEASE VERSION: 22nd March 2022

Item Variants Added to Item not appearing in Elastic IM-11422

Fixed a bug where new item variants were not indexed in elastic search
Technical Debt

WeborderMicroservice IM-10949

Weborderms Update dotnet 2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

VisualComposerMicroservice IM-10953

VisualComposer MS update dotnet 2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

NumberGenerationMicroservice IM-10947

NumberGenerationMicroservice Update dotnet 2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

TaskMicroservice IM-10951

Taskms Update dotnet 2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

CompanionAppMicroservice IM-10952

CompanionApp ms Update dotnet2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

DocumentNumberMicroservice IM-10942

DocumentNumberms update dotnet2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

DeviceWorker_ResendCashStatements IM-10954

DeviceWorker_ResendCashStatements Update dotnet 2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

SolidIntegrationMicroservice IM-10946

SolidIntegrationMicroservice Update dotnet 2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

RevideIntegrationMicroservice IM-10948

RevideIntegrationMS Update dotnet 2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

IntegrationMicroservice IM-10945

Integration ms Update dotnet 2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

IntegrationIdentityMicroservice IM-10944

IntegrationIdentityMicroservice Update dotnet2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

PosIdentityMicroservice IM-10943

ms-PosIdentity update dotnet2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

PromotionMicroservice IM-10941

Promotion ms Update dotnet 2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

ArmTenantMicroservice IM-10940

ArmTenantms Update dotnet 2.1 dockerfile
Technical Debt

SS Applications slow IM-11421

Fixed the SS applications slow
Technical Debt

Stock Take Complete Event IM-11482

Dataswitch receives an event when a stocktake is completed within Imagine so that integrations can start a flow on this happening
New Feature Event Hub

Inventory - warn the user that they won’t be able to edit Master Item Number/ItemNumber after item creation IM-8211

Inventory-Warning message implemented for Master Item Number and Item Number which can not be modified after item creation
New Feature Inventory

Custom attributes bulk-edit variants IM-6562

Added the ability to copy values from Custom attributes to other item variants
New Feature Inventory

Inventory - Receive Goods to have an export to Excel button IM-8455

Added export to excel button in Receive goods
New Feature Inventory

Vendor Return Default Sort Order IM-11809

Vendor Return list is sort in descending order where the latest / newest record shows on top of the list.
New Feature Inventory

GCS - S0 - Create PORTAL sub menu for global settings. IM-11802

A new PORTAL sub menu named Configuration created for global setting.
New Feature Portal

ISV - S6 - Using an Intersolve gift Card as MOP(method of payment) IM-11202

Use Intersolve card as a method of payment
New Feature IntersolveMS

ISV - S8.5 cancel of refund IM-11754

Cancel of refund of Intersolve cards
New Feature POS

ISV - S9 - Total testing of all functionality together IM-11602

Tested all ISV funcionalities together
New Feature IntersolveGW IntersolveMS IntersolveUI

ISV - S8 - Receipts When Using Intersolve Gift Cards IM-11234

Inform on the receipts about the sale, redemption and use of Intersolve gift cards
New Feature IntersolveMS

Public API - Stocktake POST error IM-11841

Fixed issue with posting partial stocktakes after dotnet upgrade
Bug Public API

Public API - /StockTake/stockTakeHeaders requires body IM-11842

Resolved issue with mappings due to dotnet upgrade
Bug Public API

Public API - Upload csv unsupported media type IM-11844

Fixed issue with uploading csv via publicapi
Bug Public API

Public API - Stocklookup/barcode mapping error IM-11880

Fixed a bug on the stock lookup by barcode endpoint when the item had quantites on a purchase order
Bug Public API

Not able to delete customer using Public API /Customer/{customerId} IM-10381

Fixed issue where could not delete customer using Public API
Bug Public API

Cant use platform admin commands IM-10359

Fixed issue where could not use Connector Commands under Tenant within Platform Admin.
Bug Platform Admin

Filter out inactive Tenants by default IM-11874

Fixed issue on show list of active tenant by default. Inactive tenant are excluded from the list.
Bug Platform Admin

POS Receipt View Showing Incorrect VAT Amount IM-11537

Fixed issue where receipt in POS showed incorrect VAT amount

POS - Shop & Variants - Items with 3 Dimensions or more not displayed correctly in the matrix grid IM-9500

POS - Shop Widget - Matrix items with more than 2 variants now grouped into the first 2 variants

Stock sale line barcode length IM-11514

Fixed a bug which caused stock movment to not be created when the item barcode was greater than 20 characters
Bug Stock Management

Stock Management MS Purchase Order Error IM-11481

Added validation to stock service so that multiple lines of the same item cannot exist on a single purchase order
Bug Stock Management

OSD - print icon throws a 500 error IM-11341

Fixed issue where the print icon in OSD throws a 500 error
Bug Order Status Display

Simple POS -> Total Amount showing incorrectly in the basket/Unable to process payment successfully IM-11788

Total price in simple pos showing up as zero as been resolved and also payment can be processed successfully now
Bug SimplePOS

SS Apps Connector ID on sales IM-8419

Self Serve - Connector ID on Sales in RBO
Bug Kiosk Simple POS

CAS-86188-H5F7M2 Customer address data is not fully shown when looking up the customer on the pos using the filter IM-11520

Fixed issue where the customer address was not fully shown when using search button in POS

Scheduled tax rate change - Date selection incorrect IM-9419

Fixed issue where the ‘valid from’ date was not saved in Scheduled tax rate
Bug Backoffice

Taxcode comes to the POS incorrect or 0 IM-11866

Fixed issue on Tax Code printed incorrectly on printed receipt and in find receipt
Bug Item Management POS

Incorrect Cost label on Item Creation IM-11778

Fixed label in Local Prices tab from Last Cost to Cost
Bug Item Management

Item cost not created IM-11751

fixed issue where the item cost was not created for a new blank tenant created
Bug Item Management

Item Import failure IM-11734

Fixed issue where importing through Inventory the import fails to insert into item
Bug BulkItemImport Item Management

Item List -> Move focus on Reorder is showing Loading Spinner IM-11772

Inventory - Item List - Reorder showing loading spinner
Bug Inventory

Inventory - Stock take - Error adding item to blank stocktake IM-10270

Fixed issue error adding item to Partial Stocktake with Partial Type Blank
Bug Inventory

CAS-75174-N3S1C9 Item import ignores commas IM-10451

Fixed issue where Item import ignored commas
Bug Inventory

Inventory - 500 error or system freeze when changing Sales/Cost Price on Item IM-11865

Resolved issue where after saving update to one variant any further updates to variants would cause a 500 error
Bug Inventory

RELEASE VERSION: 16th March 2022

Inventory - thumb nails not showing in Item List IM-11512

Fixed issue where the picture of the item is not displayed into item list
Bug Inventory

Port AdminUI(POS Option) to Angular 12 IM-11199

Port AdminUI(POS Option) to Angular 12
Technical Debt

Port AdminUI - Shop Setup - General Information IM-11703

General Information sidebar added in POS ADMIN module and information on the page can be updated
Technical Debt

Port AdminUI - Shop Setup - Currency Exchange Rates IM-11451

Admin UI move currency Exchange Rates to POS Admin (Note new module you need access to new module)
Technical Debt Pos Admin

Port AdminUI - POS Options - Customer Display IM-11453

Move Customer Display from Admin -> POS Options to POS Admin -> POS Options
Technical Debt Pos Admin

CUD - S1- Customer Display Configuration IM-11553

Added the Customer display under POS Options menu
New Feature POS Pos Admin

RELEASE VERSION: 23rd February 2022



IM-11727 - Public API - add Get transaction by uuid
New endpoint added to retrieve transaction on the unique uuid
IM-8651 - G00057 - S4 - Offline Stock - “Return to Vendor” action
Ability to move item quantities from the Offline stock list directly to a Vendor return
IM-11303 - Currency code on receipts
Added currency code in receipts
IM-7669 - Inventory - Make connector selection remember selection
Recover the last connector choice for print labels in Inventory
IM-6584 - Inventory - add ‘Type’ to the Summary tab
Type added to Inventory Summary Tab
IM-9910 - Receive Goods Sort
Inventory - Purchase order sort order
IM-10929 - ICT-S7-InterCompany Price add filtering
Filter price list by search text, vendor, hierarchy
IM-11133 - ISV - S3 - Selling an Intersolve Gift Card
Added functionality to sell Intersolve gift card via the POS
IM-11177 - ISV - S4 - Refunding and De-Activating Intersolve Gift Cards
Ability to refunding and de activating Intersolve cards
IM-11172 - ISV - S1.5 - Create logging functionality
Creating a data model to logging
IM-11171 - ISV - S2 - Viewing an Intersolve Gift Card Status
Ability to see Intersolve card details
IM-10900 - ICT-S6-InterCompany Search Items With IC prices on Transfers
The search for items should only show items that have a price defined on IC
IM-11077 - ISV - S1 - Intersolve Setup Basic Integration
Configure different types of gift card
IM-11357 - ICT-3.6: Adjustments to the companies page
Adjustments to the company page
IM-11560 - Cant press enter when searching items in item list
Enter can now search items in item list
IM-10475 - Gift Aid is triggered on POS when boolean custom attribute is set as ‘NO’
Gift aid is just triggered on POS when Custom attribute is set to Yes
IM-7672 - Inactive Item shows on Purchase Order / Receive Goods Lists
When manually selecting items there is ‘Show inactive’ option
IM-7618 - Missing Hierarchy Tax Rate Linked to Missing Item Groups
Make tax rate mandatory in Item Hierarchies
IM-7532 - Show Custom Attribute Code and Name when creating items
Show custom attribute code and name when creating items
IM-6626 - Tech Story - PoS - All receipts need to be reviewed for correct time printed
Fixed issue where the time stamp printed on the receipt were wrong
IM-11192 - ISV - S5 - Making a Payment when Intersolve gift card(s) is present on the transaction.
Making payment when Intersolve card is present on the transaction
IM-10504 - ICT-S3.5-Add Columns to Transfer Data Entities
Added new columns to Transfer Data Entities
IM-10461 - ICT-S3-Inter-Company Price Lists
Added the ability to maintain the prices in base tenant currency and source location currency
IM-10465 - ICT-S4-Inter-Company Transfer Order Creation
Added functionality to move items from one location to another which are associated with different companies and that transfer be represented as a sale by the sending location and a purchase by the receiving location
IM-10579 - ICT-S5-In-Company Transfer Out Prices
Include and record the weighted average cost of items in a In company transfer
IM-11752 - Order Needs transaction id and uuid
TransactionId and TransactionUUID now recorded against Order
IM-11753 - Public API GET Orders
Endpoint will now return the transactionId and transactionUuid
IM-11756 - PublicApi - Add CustomerName and Reference fields to Order endpoint
Customer Name and Reference fields now returned in call to Order endpoint IM-11800 - Netherlands Translations
Updated Dutch Translations


IM-11342 - Production - Unable to print journals
POS - Bug Fix - Print from Journal
IM-11554 - PPE - Discount Item Percentage promotion require Item Bundle item
PPE - Bug Fix - Discount Item Percentage
IM-11613 - Inventory - Barcode not issued to Copy of Masteritem
Fixed issue where copying a Masteritem did not issue a barcode to new item
IM-11544 - PPE - Item Bundles stuck in ‘In Queue’ status
PPE in queue status bug fix
IM-8752 - Customer Loyalty - ‘Select/Deselect All’ option for items not available
Items now have option to Select/Deselect All within Customer Loyalty
IM-11250 - Inventory - The column headers in the data grids in Inventory cover results
Bug Fix Inventory > Item List > column headers moving correctly.
IM-7779 - Filter Duplication in PPE Item Bundles (UI Bug)
Fixed issue were the filter was duplicated in Item bundle under PPE
IM-9642 - POS - Can’t disable total amount/percentage discount options via clerk roles
Fixed issue where could not disable discount options via clerk roles
IM-9734 - InventoryUI: Import Bulk Purchase Order missing data in columns
Fixed issue where Import bulk PO did not retrieve some data
IM-11117 - Stock take overview does not show all stock takes
Stock take overview fix
IM-11426 - Public API Create Item endpoint fails
Public API~ - Bug fix - Create item endpoint fails
IM-7225 - Parking receipt without customer and items
Disabled ability to park a transaction with no items attached to it, toaster message added to alert user
IM-10785 - Return receipts are not showing the deducted number of loyalty points
Fixed issue where return receipts where not showing the deducted number of loyalty points
IM-9735 - POS Password allows + and - special characters
Fixed issue where ‘+’ and ‘-‘ were allowed in clerk password
IM-8918 - POS: Spelling error on the reboot connector toast message
Fixed spelling error when asked to reboot the connector
IM-9374 - Kiosk Verifone Certification - Outstanding Issues
Added Reprint last receipt in KIOSK2
IM-11589 - Admin Shop Setup: It is possible to change the local currency
Make the Local currency for Shop in Backoffice read-only
IM-9891 - Item Create Routine - Stock Lookup Summary fields (ReOrder and ReStock) incorrectly populated
Inventory - Bug Fix - Reorder and restock showing incorrectly
IM-10326 - Issue removing discount from an Item Group
Fixed issue where could not remove discount from an item group
IM-10490 - RboMs: Cannot send emails for receipts
Fixed issue where the receipts were not sent by email
IM-10815 - Inventory VR - PDF shows incorrect values
PDF issue fixed
IM-11274 - Customer Next Page Button Not Working in the Backoffice
Fixed issue with Next Page button not responding
IM-11296 - PoS - discount showing on items when using transaction discount
Fixed issue where a discount was apply to wrong items
IM-11564 - RboMS: Prevent local currency change
Fixed issue where currencies are deleted if local currency is changed in a request
IM-11580 - PdfMS: Image handling
Image handling issue fix for PDF
IM-11672 - POS: Setting a fixed exchange period is not reflected in POS
Fixed issue where a fixed exchange period was not reflected into POS
IM-8058 - Item - Matrix Tab Changes Not Being Remembered After Editing
Fixed issue where changes in the Item matrix tab was not remembered after editing
IM-11695 - TOP and POP - the ‘i’ information button is not shown
Added ‘i’ information button in TOP and POP
IM-11699 - Issues in Transfer
Issues resolved
IM-11700 - SimplePosUI: Fix flow on sales endpoint
Only make sale in SimplePos when connector is turned on
IM-11705 - Unable to remove an Item from Price list before saving
Unwanted Item can now be removed from the Pricelist
IM-11733 - Publicapi - no transactionid returned when order created through TOP
Fixed issue where transactionId not been copied to Order table
IM-11735 - InventoryGW: crashes on loading a GRN if the GRN has no lines on it
Fixed issue when GRN had no lines
IM-11745 - UI needs to set Inactive Flag to True when fetching the pricelist
Adding inactive Items to Pricelist
IM-11760 - Urgent - Public API - api/v1.0/Transfers/CreateTransfersOutWithLines 500 Internal Service error
Fixed issue where CreateTransferOutWithLines was throwing error code 500 IM-11815 - Simple POS error on second transaction
Fixed a bug within Simple POS which caused the second transaction performed to report an error

Other Improvements

IM-11736 - Exchange Test for Danish Language
Danish Language update for Exchange text

RELEASE VERSION: 26th January 2022



IM-10535 - Unable to see item variants on returns screen
Added barcode, dimensions and item name on the return screen
IM-11057 - ICT-S2.5 Configure Currency at Company-level
Inter Company Trading - Configure currency at company level
IM-8301 - Inventory - Expanding Hierarchy when creating a product
Expanding Hierarchy when creating a product
IM-6086 - PoS - The on-screen receipt in Find Receipt does not match the detail on the paper copy
Fixed discrepancies between on-screen receipt and the paper copy
IM-10615 - Add setting for enabling/disabling the inclusion of images in receipt emails
Add option to include image on the receipt email
IM-5884 - Stock Take - S1-print a Stock Take discrepancy list
Print stock take discrepancy list
IM-9661 - Limit the size of an XLS or XLSX file for import
Limit import file sizes
IM-8317 - Columns should be made sticky
Columns made stcky
IM-6672 - Customer - Loyalty - give user better feedback if they do not complete fields
Validate fields in Customer Loyalty
IM-6613 - Reporting KPI with square meter (sq)
Added report per sqm in Analysis module
IM-6683 - Inventory - be able to select an item by clicking the row in Copy
Added the ability to select an item by clicking the row in Copy
IM-7525 - Searching for receipts, loading more by default
Increased the pagination from 10 to 100 for receipts in POS
IM-10388 - Apple Pay - Domain Verification
Apple Pay - Domain Verification
IM-10737 - ms-payglobalpay - Update to dotnet 5.0
ms-payglobal update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10387 - Apple Pay - Merchant Identity Certificate Implementation
Apple Pay - Merchant Identity
IM-10682 - gw-paymentintegration - Update to dotnet 5.0
gw-paymentintegration - Update to dotnet 5.0
IM-11572 - SCO Finnish language support
Added Finish language on SCO
IM-11370 - CBL - S4 - View Costs by Location
Inventory - Item List - Add company to figures tab.
IM-10843 - RBP - S1 - Apply Role Based Permissions to Side-Bar Sub Menu Items - Product
Role Based Permissions - Side bar Menus
IM-11525 - Gift Vouchers removed from Analysis Dashboard Figures
Analysis - Sales ex VAT and Sales Value


IM-10758 - ms-task - Update to dotnet 5.0
ms-task update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10759 - ms-tenantfeatures - Update to dotnet 5.0
ms-tenantfeatures - update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10666 - gw-arm - Update to dotnet 5.0
gw-arm - Update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10699 - gw-starp - Update to dotnet 5.0
gw-starp - Update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10705 - ms-armtenant - Update to dotnet 5.0
ms-armtenant update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10715 - ms-externalmsg - Update to dotnet 5.0
ms-externalmsg - Update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10744 - ms-print - Update to dotnet 5.0
ms-print - Update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10760 - ms-tracking - Update to dotnet 5.0
ms-tracking update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10726 - ms-integrationidentity - Update to dotnet 5.0
ms-integrationIdentity update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10751 - ms-scheduledjobs - Update to dotnet 5.0
ms-scheduledjobs - update to dotnet 5.0
IM-10733 - ms-numgen - Update to dotnet 5.0
ms-numgen - update to dotnet 5.0
IM-11404 - Integrate Apple Pay in TopUI
Apple Pay - TOP
IM-11406 - Apple Pay - Changes to descriptions on certificate section in Admin UI (OB Pay)
Apple Pay - Admin UI update.
IM-11276 - SCO Item scan dialog
SCO - Loading page added for scanning
IM-11387 - Google Pay - Self Serve Admin UI Change (OB Pay)
Self Serve Admin - Google Pay Changes
IM-11427 - Google Pay - Merchant ID/Client ID text change in Admin UI (OB Pay)
Admin UI - Google Pay test change


IM-11373 - Configurable payment icons in SCO
SCO - Configurable payment icons


IM-11521 - Stock detail view in the POS is not showing the correct figures ptII
Fixed issue where the figures were not correct
IM-11600 - Discount reasons gone from POS
Fixed issue where discount reason was gone from POS
IM-11596 - Inventory -> Receive Goods -> Unable to Save and Commit
Removed requirement for Currency to be selected before saving GRN
IM-11643 - Vendor Return validation problem on entering a saved draft
Fixed issue where Save buttons became disabled
IM-11692 - Changed Sales price on a matrix item is not saved
Fixed issue where updated Sales Price within Matrix not saving
IM-11570 - Refresh Token returns {“valueKind”:1}
Fixed issue where token was not refreshed
IM-11301 - Gift receipt layout all wrong
Fixed issue where the printed documents are mashed up
IM-7043 - Inventory - Required Field Prompts Issue
Fixed issue with prompts in required fields under Inventory
IM-11318 - Cant save and commit vendor return
Fixed issue saving Vendor Return
IM-11477 - Exchange date missing from gift receipt
Added exchange date on gift receipts.
IM-8805 - Admin - Receipt Preview Not Showing Correct Header-Footer Messages
Gift Receipts and Credit Note now showing correct preview in Receipt Setup
IM-10481 - Unable to split payment using gift certificates
Fixed issue where could not split the payment using Gift certificate as the second option
IM-11474 - Inventory - Cancel Remainder on placed or partially received PO’s causes a 404 error
Fixed issue where cancel remainder in PO had no action
IM-10853 - Item Creation - Enable as Web Item not saved
Fixed issue where Enable as Web item was not saved
IM-11261 - Menu not updating
Highlights the correct submenu
IM-9416 - Received Goods - Name and Dimension Column - Visual Issues
Received Goods - Name and Dimension Column
IM-8718 - Stocktake - Import Count File Not Recognising Secondary Manufacturer Barcodes
Fixed issue where import count file didnt recognize secondary manufacturer barcode
IM-11136 - Cant print labels from discount labels
Fixed issue where discount labels in the range of 55, 56, 57, 58 couldn’t be printed from Inventory - Discount labels
IM-11078 - PeopleCount MS: POST People count - returns 500 error: object reference not set to instance of an object
Fixed bug where POST People count returned 500 error
IM-11349 - Add Image Button in Item Creation does not respond to click the second time
Add Image button fixed
IM-11508 - Transfers throws 500 error
Fixed issue where Transfer throws 500 error
IM-11380 - Portal Module not available
Added Portal module
IM-11412 - InventoryUI PO download button has wrong text
Text now corrected to Download File rather than Upload
IM-11439 - Self Serve Admin Payment Provider errors when no tenant feature exists
Self Serve Admin Payment fixed
IM-11446 - TOP Failed transaction
TOP - Bug Fix - Failed Transaction
IM-11458 - Cant create items through API
Fixed an issue in item microservice where item dimension values were defaulting to integer data type
IM-11463 - Trimit Account Payments Not Working
Trimit - Bug Fix - Account Payments
IM-11483 - MasterItem & Item not published to rabbit after image change
Fixed issue where set an image to an existing item was not published to rabbit
IM-11486 - POS - Expenses are included in the POS Chart
Fixed issue where expenses are included in the chart
IM-11536 - SideBar Spelling error Self Serve Admin
Fixed issue where it was displayed Pop Londing Page
IM-11541 - InventoryUI: On GRN aggregate item quantity if item is already on the GRN
Fixed issue where a new line was created if increased quantity for an item in GRN
IM-11542 - Inventory UI - Discount Labels Danish language
Inventory - Discount Labels DK Language
IM-11545 - Purchase Order: Search button is disabled
Fixed issue where search button was disabled in PO
IM-11557 - When using Manual Search Item in receive goods, after adding items, the save/commit buttons are disabled
Fixed issue where Save/commit buttons where disabled in Receive goods
IM-11562 - PosGW crashing on missing VoucherConfiguration in tenantfeature-ms
Fixed issue where could not load POS
IM-11574 - Commiting a stock take returns error message
Fixed the issue where commiting a stock take returns error message
IM-11624 - Imagine Kiosk - modifier issue
Kiosk - Bug Fix Modifiers
IM-11027 - Gift label and Gift receipt do not function in the same way, the only difference should be the print option.
Fixed issue where the period to exchange was not displayed into POS
IM-11590 - When marked as gift, calendar not showing correctly on lower resolutions
Bug Fix - POS - Calendar showing correctly at lower resolutions

Other Improvements

IM-11230 - Platform Admin leaking of user data
Fixed issue where the whole user list was saved in local storage.
IM-7619 - RboMS: Voucher currencies and reports
Voucher with different currency code
IM-11130 - User (username) regex platform admin
Allow special characters in username

RELEASE VERSION: 30th November 2020



IM-8425 - G00047 - UK Gap 5.7 - GCON007 - Item List View
Inventory - Addition of manufacturer item no. unit cost. Ability to sort on several columns
IM-10460 - ICT-S2-Inter-Company Company Management
Inter Company Trading - Manage different legal entities called ‘Companies’ in a single imagine tenant.
IM-10775 - IIM-S3-Allow External URL to be associated with an item
External URL associated with item
IM-8641 - Inventory - Export of Inventory - LOGS file(s)
Inventory - Export Logs
IM-10597 - CBL - S3 - Add Company Filter to Figures Tab
Inventory - Item List - Add company to figures tab.
IM-6413 - Inventory - make the Search bar static in Item List
Inventory - Item - Search bar static (only Item List)
IM-6072 - PoS - add a numeric keypad to the Manager credentials prompt
POS - addition of numeric keypad for manager credentials
IM-6682 - Inventory - make the instruction for Copy option more detailed
Inventory - copy function explained
IM-4763 - Add security and styling to the PO excel export in InventoryGW
Inventory - PO Export Security
IM-11070 - Stock Take - S2- Allow Ordering Discrepancy Column
Inventory - Stocktake Discrepancy column
IM-10626 - IIM-S2-Allow Multiple Images to be uploaded from local storage and associated with an item
Multiple Images associated with an Item
IM-10390 - ODP333 Till Printer needs adding into the supported printer list in the manage connector area
Manage Connector - ODP333 Printer Added


IM-11325 - BI Gateway - VendorID in product Request
BI GW - VendorID in Product request
IM-11099 - Adyen - Utilise Display and Event Notifications
Adyen - update
IM-9326 - LogRocket Implementation
Logrocket implementation
IM-10614 - RBP - S1 - Apply Role Based Permissions to Side-Bar Sub Menu Items (Platform)
Role based permissions setup
IM-10983 - Adyen - On board terminal printer bypass change needed
Adyen - Printer bypass change
IM-10811 - Adyen Receipt Format Mis-aligned
Adyen - receipt bug fix
IM-11019 - DK Translations
DK Translations


IM-7638 - Item Import
Removed Caching on Item import download template as this caused new vendors to not show in the list
IM-6880 - Extra Entries in the Customer Transaction History
Customer Account tab now filters out account adjustments of 0
IM-10906 - PlatformAdmin Tenant Creation - Wrong user language set
Platform Admin - bug fix for user language
IM-10571 - Deleting Receipt/ticket discount
POS-Item discount and Line Discount
IM-7796 - POS: Missing spaces in some Card terminal actions
POS - Update Card Terminal Labels
IM-7834 - POS: Add Customer Birthdate field is not validated
POS - customer birthdate validation
IM-8316 - Purchase Order Can’t be saved after Bulk Import
Inventory - PO Bulk import
IM-7664 - POS: Can not filter item group by No
POS-Item Group
IM-7821 - Invalid column name Clerk in Stock Report
Report - Bug fix in columns
IM-7986 - GRN - Possible to Save and Commit an Empty Goods Received Order
Inventory - Stop the ability to save an empty GRN
IM-7801 - POS: Journals accepts to select a period of the future
POS - Bug Fix dates in journal
IM-7714 - POS: Issue to display the correct change when using gift certificate
POS - bug fix gift certificate
IM-10573 - Discount not matching up
POS - Bug Fix - Discounts
IM-7935 - POS [Account]: null is displayed in message _POS - Bug fix credit limit error message_ IM-7756 - Customer: Can not save external unique ID and Currency _POS - Bug Fix - Customer required fields currency and external unique ID are now saved correctly_ IM-10338 - CAS-73369-C7J8Y4 issue new return interface IM-9082 checkbox items cannot be checked on a K3POS using touch _POS - Bug Fix on return_ IM-7715 - POS: Issue with filter expense _POS - Bug Fix expenses_ IM-8659 - POS: Remove foreign credit note makes the sale complete _POS Bug Fix - Foreign Credit Note_ IM-11242 - Order Status Board - Status doesn't update after extension _Fixed a bug which caused the status to not update after an extension is fired_ IM-10364 - Stock adjustment reason code not displaying _Inventory - Logs now showing stock adjustment reason code_ IM-10575 - Ticket discount in Euro's not right when increasing amount of articles _POS - Bug Fix on whole transaction discount_ IM-10261 - GRN info incorrect when receiving PO's via Companion App _Inventory - GRN info updated when received via companion._ IM-10290 - Loadig a partial scheduled stock take takes minutes in the companion app if it succeeds. _This ticket is already in Production_ IM-10301 - Companion App - Auto Receive PO/Transfer numbers not recognised. _Companion app - bug fix Auto receive PO/ Transfer numbers_ IM-11240 - Public API - Stock Lookup Default Vendor when no movement _Stock lookup on public api now returns the default vendor even if the item has had no movements_ IM-11132 - Simple POS Fails if Item Modifier Qty is incremented _Simple POS bug fix modifier Qty._ IM-11157 - Can't create new Worldline device in Admin _Admin - Manage Connector - Creation of new worldline device_ IM-11158 - Loyalty Bonus Button on POS Takes Time to Load and Display _Loyalty Button now showing when customer loaded_ IM-11193 - Total Amount in Simple POS Calculating Incorrectly _Simple POS - Total Amount calculated incorrectly_ IM-11275 - Numbergen fails to create next order number _Fixed issue around Numbergen failing to create next order_ IM-11281 - Items with modifiers are doubling the item price _Fixed an issue within the kiosk where default modifiers were incorrectly adding to the item total_ IM-11311 - Simple POS handling discount with different currencies _Simple POS handling discount fixed for different currencies_ IM-11326 - Extension Framework - Unable to create and configure extensions _Platform Admin - Bug fix extensions_

Other Improvements

IM-10373 - Item MS Importing Items
ItemMS - Importing Items
IM-11374 - Modifier Prices not included in the Item Prices on the receipt
Kiosk Bug Fix modifier prices

RELEASE VERSION: 2nd November 2021



IM-9602 - S7 Item module - Remove unused screens
Item - removal of screens that have been moved to Inventory
IM-8912 - Prevent a POS user from entering a negative payment value.
It is not not possible to enter a minus sign ‘-‘ from the physical or on-screen keyboards
IM-9868 - Analysis - S1 - Footfall and Conversion Rate
Foot Fall and Conversion Rate
IM-10574 - CBL - S1 - ItemCost-MS to record Cost price in POS transaction record
Cost By Location - POS records cost price
IM-10596 - CBL - S2 - Show Weighted Average Cost by Location
Inventory - Show weighted cost by location
IM-8619 - Remarks for reports Retail Suite
Analysis - Sales ex VAT and Sales Value
IM-10994 - Google Pay button needs adding into the TOP UI in the basket
TOP - Addition of googlepay button


IM-9761 - Basket Endpoints to other Self Serve Apps
Basket implementation for Self Serve Apps


IM-10970 - Platform Admin - Unable to add extension to tenant
Platform Admin - Bug Fix add extension
IM-11167 - Total Amount in all Self Serve Calculating Incorrectly
Total Amount is now fixed in POP, TOP and Kiosk
IM-9508 - Ongoing credit card terminal issues
Device Worker update - Credit card terminal issues
IM-9750 - gift label giving full amount on return when scanning label
POS - Gift label bug fix
IM-9771 - Order Display - Orders showing in mixed up format
The orders now grouped correctly by modifiers
IM-11071 - InventoryUI Bug: paging and column chooser not working (NaN and undefined)
Resolved paging error showing at top of table when first generated
IM-10854 - Stock overview in the POS is not showing the correct figures
POS - Bug Fix - Stock overview figures
IM-10555 - Slow Payments
An update has been made to speed up the transaction process
IM-10968 - MTD Calculate VAT Return - Offset VAT not included in box 7 calcs
Resolved Offset VAT calculations
IM-11091 - Not getting discount from PPE
PPE - Bug Fix discounts not working
IM-11101 - Fix problem with Bundle Mapping
Kiosk - Basket update
IM-11116 - Order Stuck on ORB Board
ORB Board - Order stuck bug fix
IM-11137 - Comment on the Basket lines is not being retained
Comment Line is now fixed for TOP and POP
IM-11173 - Kiosk Payment Lines Not being Populated when using virtual connector
Payment Line is now populated
IM-11208 - Add Rabbit Message for Basket Sales From Transaction To RBO
Transactions for Self Serve apps are now sent to RBO so that these are included in the analysis and Reports modules

RELEASE VERSION: 5th October 2021



IM-10386 - Google Pay Configuration
Google Pay Configuration has been implemented for POP
IM-10361 - S2B Item module - Dimension templates - Adding new template
Inventory - Dimension Templates - Adding new Template
IM-9616 - S2 Item module - Dimension Templates - Deleting
Inventory - Deleting Dimension Templates
IM-9608 - S6 Item module - Discount Labels
Inventory - discount labels move from Item
IM-6138 - Item - import spreadsheet does not list hierarchies well
Item - hierarchy list bug fix
IM-6355 - have % buttons pre coded with 30,40,50 and 60 % discount
POS - Pre-coded Discount buttons (Set in Admin)
IM-10589 - CBL - S1.5 - Prevent User from Changing Shop Currency after Shop Creation
Backoffice - disable changing currency in shop.
IM-9589 - S1 Item module - Dimension Templates UI
Inventory - Dimension Templates added to Inventory
IM-7127 - PoS - Stock Lookup shows inactive shop
POS - Stock lookup bug fix
IM-9075 - MTD Transactions date format
Date format updated to match other fields
IM-10520 - EVENTS HUB - New Event request - Transfers Header
Added events between Imagine and Dataswitch which sends Transfer header information to a dataswitch flow on creation, commit or delete of a transfer within Imagine


IM-8153 - Public API 2 - Staff/POC
Initial POC for Public api v2
IM-9803 - BI Gateway - Transaction Data
BI Gateway endpoints to return transaction and payment data
IM-10641 - BI Gateway - Inventory Levels
BI Gateway - Inventory Levels
IM-10646 - PA - warn that Username is not valid
Platform Admin - Warning invalid characters in username
IM-10449 - Remove payment functionality from Euronet payment container
Euronet payment container removal
IM-10419 - Basket - AgeRestrictedItems
Public API: Added a getItemDetails flag to the GET Basket endpoint, if this is set to true then the basketItems will contain the full item object
IM-10448 - K3 Pay payment layer in Admin > Manage Connector to be reverted to Verifone UK only
K3 Pay Verifone only
IM-7782 - Portal/API - Personal Access Tokens
Personal Access tokens can be generated in user area within Portal
IM-10398 - Adding Euronet to Payment Providers in Admin
Addition of Euronet in Admin
IM-9317 - Search: The ability to search and sort on Master Items
Ability to search and sort on master items
IM-10458 - Public API Upserts
Upsert endpoints previously used in Integration GW have now been migrated to the public api
IM-10578 - BI Gateway - PATs
BI Gateway now uses personal access tokens for authentication
IM-9679 - Basket PPE Integration
Kiosk - Integration with PPE
IM-10549 - BI Gateway - Alterations
Added vendorId to PurchaseOrders Endpoint
IM-10399 - Fiskaly Update
Fiskaly update


IM-10787 - SearchMs returns wrong totalNumberOfResults
The SearchMs now returns the expected number of results
IM-10810 - User names are not showing in Integration
Username now shows in Integrators table
IM-10557 - Create Items - Items not created correctly
Bug Fixed for Item Search
IM-7682 - PPE rounding error
Bug Fix - PPE rounding error
IM-7470 - PPE - Inconsistent use of Field Names in Item List, Bundle and Promotions
PPE, fixed promotion deal bundle grid to show item name and variant information as opposed to description of the item as this is not always populated and is inconsistent with other views.
IM-7661 - Create New Item in New Composer Tile directs to the wrong location
Bug Fix - Composer group redirecting to item creation
IM-7391 - Inventory: No items created causes Issues on messages displayed
Fixed a bug which caused an object error in customer->loyalty when the tenant had no data
IM-7660 - Inventory: Issues with Item Hierarchies
Fixed a bug which caused the image url on item hierarchy to not get saved and for the tax rates to be incorrect on hierarchy when saving
IM-10528 - Receive Goods - Price Edit Changes Quantity Instead
Inventory - Bug fix Receive goods editing price changes quantity
IM-9146 - Analysis sales doesnt match
Analysis - Bug fix sales
IM-10620 - Loyalty Bonus Button on POS Takes Time to Load and Display
POS - Bug Fix - Loyalty bonus takes time to load.
IM-10799 - Self Serve Admin - Unable to Load or Save Self-Serve Time Slots
Self Self Admin - Bug Fix - Time slots is now loading and saving
IM-9718 - Items cannot be added to Purchase Order
Fixed an issue which caused items not to show when searching the vendor item number in PO creation/edit
IM-9154 - Analysis Calculation
Analysis - Bug fix calculation
IM-9481 - Companion App - Bug preventing destination store from being chosen on Transfer
Companion app - bug fix for destination store selection
IM-9895 - AD-HOC Stocktake UI issue - Companion App
Companion - ADHOC stocktake duplicate issue fixed
IM-10264 - Order Stuck on ORB Board
ORB Board - Order stuck bug fix
IM-10302 - Companion App - Store Information - Total sales figures don’t match with Reports or Analysis.
Bug Fix - Companion sales not showing correct for the store in store information
IM-10456 - Extension Framework - UI loads all event extensions regardless of the configured shop.
Extension Framework - bug fix
IM-10508 - Sidebar forcing browser redirection opposed to Angular routing
Fixed an issue in the sidebar which caused browser to redirect as opposed to using angular routing.
IM-10519 - EVENTS HUB - Movements Incorrectly repeating the first line
Fixed a bug which caused an event to be received in Dataswitch for the same item on a transfer, this now correctly sends one per item line.
IM-10594 - Public API - Transaction line Item Group
Public API - Transaction line Item Group
IM-10556 - Reindex button in Platform Button appears not to work
Platform Admin - Reindex now sends an email when completed
IM-9833 - Creating a new tenant does not work if you are not a platform administrator
Platform Admin - new tenant creation bug fixed.
IM-10855 - Sidebar Customer Submenus Incorrect linking
The Sidebar Customer Submenus linking has been addressed
IM-10649 - Label Print Arm Settings url
Fixed a bug in device settings which meant the labelPrintUrl was always set to production
IM-10901 - Unable to access modules from portal sidebar
Portal - Modules available in the sidebar
IM-10903 - PlatformAdmin - Failed to create a new tenant with new user
Fixed UI errors during creation of new tenant
IM-11034 - InventoryUI: Error on loading items in itemsoverview
Inventory - Bug fix for item overview

Other Improvements

IM-5480 - Optimize stocktake count import
Bug Fix - bulk stocktake import
IM-8339 - Move Custom Attributes in Item UI into Inventory UI
Inventory - Custom Attributes moved from Item.

RELEASE VERSION: 10th August 2021



IM-9921 - Item List Additional Columns
Inventory -Item list, extra columns manufacturers item number and item cost.
IM-6034 - PoS - When you refund (return an item), there is no check against the original receipt, so you can use the same receipt more than once.
Return items are checked against the original receipt
IM-8691 - KFR-129: Filter the barcode that is searched for in Stocktake
Inventory - Stocktake barcode filter
IM-4807 - Inventory - Movement - Inactive shop showing in the ‘Shop’ drop down
Inventory - Item - movements inactive shops no longer show in drop down
IM-5730 - PoS - when off line email receipts get silently dropped
POS - Send Email receipt disabled when offline
IM-8086 - Edit GRN quantities
Inventory - Goods Receive edit quantities and allow over receive option in backoffice
IM-9318 - G00090 - S1 - Creating Item Infos
Backoffice - Item info setup (Not POS)
IM-9810 - Order - Extension Data
Public API - Order extension
IM-9601 - S4 Item module - Dimension Types
Inventory - Dimension types moved from Item
IM-7086 - Print all variants on label print
Inventory - Print all variant labels for master item
IM-9566 - G00056 - S1 - Return to Supplier: Create Return Document
Created Vendor Return document
IM-9842 - CnC - S3 - Configure Web Order Dispatch Note Variable Footer Text
Adds customisation options to web order dispatch note.
IM-9843 - CnC - S4 - Print Web Order Dispatch Note
Adds ability to print an A4 web order dispatch note.
IM-9906 - CnC - S5 - Re-print Web Order Dispatch Note
Adds ability to reprint web order dispatch note from POS journal.
IM-9617 - S3 Item module - Dimension Templates - Saving
Inventory - Dimension templates saving automatically (no save button)


IM-10402 - Alphanumeric ordering for the payment provider drop down menu in Admin>Manage K3 Connector
Admin - Manage K3 Connector - alphanumeric ordering
IM-10379 - Adding Worldline to Payment Providers in Admin
Admin - Payment Providers - addition of Worldline
IM-10277 - Fiskaly Receipt ID Added to eReceipt
Fiskaly Receipt ID Added to eReceipt
IM-9802 - BI Gateway - Product Data
Additional endpoints - BI gateway - Product Data
IM-9800 - BI Gateway (Phase 1)
GET Endpoint to obtain Reason Codes
IM-9821 - BI Gateway - Inventory Data
New Get endpoints for Inventory Data
IM-9801 - BI Gateway - Reference Data
Additional endpoints for the BI gateway - Reference Data
IM-9804 - BI Gateway - Customer Data
Additional endpoints for the BI gateway - Customer Data
IM-10421 - Filters required on Stock Take Headers API
Public API - Stocktake filters


IM-10358 - MTD - Unable to view transactions
Bug fix applied to restore the view of transactions
IM-8392 - Public API Order endpoint issues
Public API order endpoints
IM-7445 - Stocktake: Total counted quantities is not automatically updated
Fixed issue where total counted qty is not automatically updated
IM-7400 - Inventory: Create new node, Code field not validated
Code node just accepts regular letters and numbers
IM-9654 - Analysis - Store Sale Summary Date Selection Shows Extra Dates
Fixed issue where extra date was added to the Store Sale Summary
IM-9855 - TOP & POP /breakdown/{basketId} 500 internal server error
Fixed issue where could not complete a payment in POP
IM-8681 - Order Status Display number showing Database ID Instead of Order Number
Order Number now displays rather than the database Id
IM-9771 - Order Display - Orders showing in mixed up format
The orders now grouped correctly by modifiers
IM-7822 - POS Filter Customer: labels non-standardised
Labels standardised in POS Filter Customer
IM-10351 - Adding SimplePOS module on tenant fails
SimplePOS bug Fix
IM-10420 - Product Configuration - Configuration - Error loading page
Product Configurator - bug fix error loading page
IM-10455 - Kiosk: Order Status Display - Issue on the first load if no orbAccessTokenSupport present
Kiosk & Order Status Display - Bug Fix re orders not showing.
IM-7755 - POS: Capital letter are not standardised
Capital letters standardised in POS
IM-8014 - Inventory - Transfers - Inactive Shop Showing in Location Drop Down List
Inventory - Transfers - inactive shops
IM-7735 - Inventory - Inactive shop appear in PO drop down
Inventory - Purchase order - Inactive shops
IM-10329 - POP Gateway Failing on Dev with Basket
Fixed issue where the payment in POP could not be completed
IM-10423 - Document ID filter on GoodsReceiptNote API
Public API - Document ID Filter

Other Improvements

IM-9841 - Imei pop up is too slow
Improved the speed of the IMEI pop up

RELEASE VERSION: 13th July 2021



IM-6305 - PoS - Needs picking list in Imagine
POS - Picking List
IM-8922 - G00060 - S3 - Item Options - Actioning Options at POS - Price
Items can be flagged for the price to be prompted on POS.
IM-8648 - G00057 - S1 - Offline Stock Menu
Inventory - Additon of Offline stock
IM-8649 - G00057 - S2 - Offline Stock - Download PDF Option
Offline Stock - Download a PDF
IM-8650 - G00057 - S3 - Offline Stock - “Transfer to On Hand” action
Inventory - Offline Stock transfer back to online
IM-8462 - G00046 - UK Gap 3.1 - Purchase Order Sort
Inventory - Purchase order sort order
IM-9211 - Add offline stock via POS (expand on existing feature)
Offline Stock via POS
IM-9209 - S7 - Add offline stock via Inventory
Offline Stock - Add offline stock via Inventory
IM-8761 - G00045 - Gift Aid - S1 - Gift Aid Module
Add New Module - Gift Aid
IM-9529 - G00042 - Customer PPE Explicit Pricing
PPE - Multi Buy with Price per item.
IM-6565 - Back Office - make Reason Code UI more user friendly
Backoffice - Reason Code UI improvements
IM-6359 - PoS - alter gift receipts to refund just the item listed and not transaction
Scanning Gift Receipt now loads just the item to be returned rather than all original transaction
IM-9651 - G00045 - Gift Aid - S2 - Gift Aid Receipt Settings
Gift Aid - Receipt Settings
IM-8776 - G00045 - Gift Aid - S3 - Item Selection
Gift Aid - Item Selection
IM-8762 - G00045 - Gift Aid - S4 - POS Data Capture
Gift Aid - POS Data Capture
IM-9799 - CnC - S1 - View Web Order Picking List in modal form
Adds option to select printing of the web order picking list to an A4 printer in addition to receipt slip.
IM-8763 - G00045 - Gift Aid - S5 - View Gift Aid Transactions
Gift Aid - List of Gift aid transactions within Gift aid module
IM-8764 - G00045 - Gift Aid - S6 - Export Gift Aid Transactions
Gift Aid - Export to CSV.
IM-9798 - CnC - S2 - Print Web Order Picking List on A4
Support for printing of POS web order picking list to A4
IM-10266 - CnC - S1.5 - Prevent more than one Web Order in Transaction
CnC - Prevent multiple orders


IM-9823 - Basket - CustomerNumber
Basket - CustomerNumber - Header level and PublicAPI
IM-9356 - Platform Admin - User rights
Platform Admin - platform admin user able to see the integrators tab and create new integrators/integrations for the tenants in their group.
IM-9858 - Stock Transfer Modified Date
Inventory - Stock transfer Modified Date



IM-9838 - Pos - Item Shortcuts are missing Item Variant Name.
Bug Fix - POS shortcuts missing information
IM-8933 - Create Bundle fails if you do not enter a value in the Restricted Quantity
Product Configurator - Bug fix for ‘Restricted Quantity’
IM-8055 - Product Configurator: Bundle Sales Price is 0
Bug Fix - Product Configurator bundle price issue
IM-7700 - Refund transaction should not post an order
SimplePOS not posting an order
IM-9186 - PO-GRN Item Matrix Issues
Fixed issue with 3 dimensions item in PO
IM-9483 - A partial stock take with a selection of item groups also includes articles which used to belong to those item groups
Stocktake - Bug Fix for inactive items/hierarchy issue
IM-9730 - Duplicate Items Displayed on Purchase Order - Find Items Manually
Bug Fix - Inventory Purchase order Duplicate items
Automated re-index of ES database required for this fix
IM-9789 - InventoryUI: Transfer In grid crashes with Danish culture
Bug Fixed - Inventory UI Transfer grid
IM-8699 - SimplePOS: Issue with languages
SimplePOS - Languages added
IM-9411 - Unable to create an Expenses entry in Back Office
Bug fixed, functionality restored to previous version and as detailed in the Help files
IM-8851 - Dynamic Scroll on Stock Lookup Widget
Stock lookup - Scroll bar.
IM-9145 - POS - using incorrect delimiter still an issue on EUR tenants
POS bug Fix - incorrect delimiter for Euro customers
IM-9741 - Kiosk Bundles When Adding to Basket Showing Blank Screen - DEV Environment
Bug Fix - Kiosk Bundles showing Blank screen

RELEASE VERSION: 15th June 2021



IM-9662 - Implement Budget Template Download and Import Budgets
Export and Import Shop budgets
IM-8921 - G00060 - S2 - Item Options - Editing Items (PO+Web)
Implemented story to edit Items (PO+Web)
IM-8925 - G00060 - S4 - Item Options - Actioning Options on PO
Inventory - May not be placed on PO on bulk import.
IM-8922 - G00060 - S3 - Item Options - Actioning Options at POS - Price
Items can be flagged for the price to be prompted on POS.
IM-8962 - G00060 - S5 - Item Options - Actioning Options on PPE and Sets
PPE Options and Sets
IM-8549 - Add “account” to payment types list
POS - Accounts in the payments list
IM-8203 - POS Customer: Customer No. and Currency should not be editable
Fixed issue where customer no and account currency were editable
IM-5860 - Inventory - a couple of changes to the Figures tab
Fixed issue to have Sold label and Available field to displays data
IM-9633 - Set redirection pages for Stock screens
Redirection pages from Stock to Inventory
IM-8915 - G00024 - S2 Customer History
Add grid on the customer history that allows line items to be ‘drilled into’ to show more detail of the transaction
IM-9084 - G00029 - UK Gap 3.4 - PO Selection Criteria - autopopulate from create screen
Inventory - Autopopulate selection
IM-9217 - G00042 - Customer PPE - S2 - Customer Pricing
PPE - Customer groups for promotions
IM-8624 - G00024 - S1 Customer History
Customer - Customer History tab
IM-8234 - Inventory - limit data entry on Stock Take
Inventory - Restriction on quantity counted on stocktakes
IM-9560 - G00041 - S1 - Purchase Order - Autopopulate across stores
Inventory - Purchase orders autopopulate for several stores using restock and reorder points.
IM-8647 - Automatic Column Sorting
Backoffice - Automatic Column Sorting
IM-5663 - Inventory - have extra detail in the PO’s and GRN’s to see totals per order
Inventory - Add total quantity + total costs to Receive Goods.
IM-9499 - Inventory - Stock Lookup - No dimension/variant/shop details
Fixed issue where the dimensions/variant/shop details were not displayed in Stock Lookup
IM-9215 - G00042 - Customer PPE - S1 - Discount by Customer Group
PPE - Discounts on customer groups
IM-9218 - G00042 - Customer PPE - S3 - Discount Improvements
PPE - New Multi Group Deal Bundle promotion added
IM-8268 - PoS - TM88v printed receipts don’t show barcode
TM-T88V - receipt barcode printed
This fix requires a connector reboot
IM-9082 - G00097 - POS - Return Function
Add option select items to return instead return the whole transaction
IM-9268 - G00072 - Add On-Hand and extra columns to Export of Stock Count File
Export/Import of stockcount - additional columns
IM-7774 - Purchase Order Form To Use Name Instead of Description to Identify an Item.
Inventory - PO to use name rather than description
IM-8359 - Vendor - Requires Additional Address Lines
Vendors - additional address fields


IM-8130 - Item Validation
The Item Creation process now validates the total number of variants created for a Master Item. The default limit is set to 200
IM-9530 - Platform Admin - Extension Creation
Platform Admin - Extension creation
IM-9556 - Update Portal dashboard with image background
Portal - New Background images
IM-9713 - Automatic Column Sorting PlatformUI
Automatic Column Sorting
IM-9782 - Public API - Transfer Put
Add new endpoints to PUT Transfers in and out
IM-9055 - Extension Framework - Extension Management Tool
Extension Management Tool
IM-9590 - Public API - Item by ID
Public API - Item by ID


IM-9052 - PO IMEI check companion check
Companion App - IMEI changes


IM-8829 - Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
Bug Fix - Cookie too large
IM-8071 - Missing Header Info on completed Receive Goods.
Inventory Bug fix - Received Goods Number and Notes field
IM-9320 - Customers - new tenants don’t have exchange ratios set
Customer - exchange ratios
IM-9339 - Resend receipts for march 1st to march 16th
Project that can resend receipt from a connector
This fix requires a connector reboot
IM-8783 - Inventory Transfers - Unable to Save and Commit to Create a Transfer Record
Bug Fix - Inventory create transfer error 500
IM-9482 - Public API - Mapping error when creating a parked sale
Fixed error when creating parked transaction via Public API
IM-8900 - Seed Data fails to insert
Fixed issue where demo data was not inserted when creating a new tenant and select to insert demo data
IM-9752 - Public API - Sales transaction stock movement
Fixes issue with quantity when creating sales via public API
IM-9790 - MTD API returning two obligations with the same date range
MTD - Bug fix
IM-9312 - SelfServe apps - Valitor integration
Self Serve Bug fix - Valitor integration
IM-8516 - Visual bug in Shop creation view
Bug Fix - Shop creation visual bug
IM-8418 - POS password does not allow certain special characters.
Changed Clerk password reset to be numeric only
IM-9511 - POS Keyboard Clearing Inputs
Fixed issue where values being removed from input field on POS when closing keyboard
IM-9514 - Simple POS clerk login failure
Fixed a bug in Simple POS which stopped clerks from being able to log in due to password encryption
IM-9502 - Inventory Add Items by Matrix button not refreshing
Bug - Fixed matrix view
IM-9747 - Null cost when adding item to GRN
Bug Fix Inventory - cost price on GRN
IM-9604 - Item Restock Level & Reorder Point values not reflected in Stock Lookup
Inventory - Stock Lookup - Restock and Reorder Points now show
IM-9331 - POS - Receipt barcodes not recognised in ‘Find Receipt’.
POS - Receipt barcode scanning in ‘find receipt’
IM-7443 - New/Edit Customer Save Button in POS on 1024x768 Res.
Fixed issue where was not possible to select the currency on the dropdown
IM-7332 - Customer Groups: Issue creating group with name that already exists
Fixed issue where was not displayed message that group name already exists
IM-7389 - Customer - Groups: Header select all checkbox has no functionality
Fixed issue where First name checkbox in Customer Group had no action
IM-8674 - Bug with Printing IP when no network is present
Startup slip is now printed only when Ethernet port is connected
This fix requires a connector reboot

Other Improvements

IM-8272 - Move remaining Stock UI functionality into Inventory UI
Depreciate Stock and create in Inventory - Stock lookup Overview, Stock lookup, Purchase Orders, Receive Goods, Transfers, Stocktake and Logs
IM-8655 - Public API slow Item update
Public API - Item update speed
IM-9352 - External message ms - BCC/Cc
Fixed an issue which meant order receipts were not being bcc’d to the shop when ordering through pop

RELEASE VERSION: 20th April 2021



IM-8394 - G00039 - UK Gap 5.11 - Profit Margin Calculation
Item detail and Item creation now show the margin % based on cost, sell price and tax rate
Mote: there is a known issue where the profit margin does not show during Item Creation IM-8742 - G00060 - S1 - Item Options - Editing Items (POS)
Added POS item option There is a known issue with bulk setting of this value to FALSE in the Summary tab IM-2740 - Inventory - Print PO/GRN as a PDF
Inventory - Ability to download PO or Receive goods as PDF
IM-9068 - G00060 - S3 - Item Options - Actioning Options at POS - Discount
POS - Not allowing discount on specific items.
This is pre-release and will not currently function in the PoS IM-9069 - G00060 - S3 - Item Options - Actioning Options at POS - Quantity
POS - Stopping increase of quantity This is pre-release and will not currently function in the PoS IM-8398 - Connector Update Button
It was added a reboot connector button on POS


IM-9163 - Summary Transaction Data Access
Public API - Transaction Summary data now available
IM-9207 - Public API - Purchase Order
Public API, purchase orders are now created by passing the barcode only on the purchase order line


IM-8756 - Bank ID Integration
IM-8757 - NAV Service Check (Priority: High)


IM-8737 - Over receive Goods receipt note on partial
Inventory bug fixed regarding over receiving against a PO
IM-9260 - Cant enter text in note field on an item
POS bug Fix - unable to add item note.
IM-9329 - Shop Policies in SelfServeAdmin not saving
Fixed a bug in self serve admin which caused the policies to not be saved
IM-9366 - Product Modifiers After Save Not Available to Edit or Remove - Critical
Product Configuration - Bug fix on item modifiers
IM-8901 - Inventory Item Creation Tenant Currency
Inventory - Item creation local prices
IM-8820 - Platform Admin - users active flag is alway s True in UI
Platform Admin - bug fix for inactive/active users
IM-8547 - Customer - Issues to assign and unassign a customer to/from a group
Fixed the issue where could not assign or unassign a customer to/from a group
IM-9361 - Item Creation ‘Variants’ edit page does not load properly
Bug fixed with page loading
IM-8821 - Inventory - Vendor On Item List Does Not Update When Changed Within Item
Vendor Name in Item List now reflects that set against the item
IM-9112 - Inventory - Unable to Print Barcode Labels from PO and GRN
Inventory - Bug fixed Label printing GRN/PO
IM-9362 - POS - Tax not applied to Item Group sales
Bug Fix - Tax on Item Groups not works
IM-9281 - UI - Transactions “hide submitted…” broken - checkbox using old event
Updated checkbox using Im-checkbox from webcomponents

Other Improvements

IM-8192 - POS Update procedure
POS - Automatic Update
IM-9352 - External message ms - BCC/Cc
Fixed an issue which meant order receipts were not being bcc’d to the shop when ordering through pop

RELEASE VERSION: 23rd March 2021



IM-8319 - G00029 - UK Gap 3.4 - PO Selection Criteria - restock+reorder point
When editing a purchase order, the reorder point and restock level can be displayed as additional columns.
IM-9083 - G00029 - UK Gap 3.4 - PO Selection Criteria - last sold date
Additional information added
IM-8459 - G00037 - UK Gap 4.3 - Purchase Order
Added option to automatically create an order for remaining items when cancelling a partially received Purchase order.
IM-7989 - Gift Voucher Expiry Date
Can now set valid period for Gift Vouchers and Credit Notes in days within Shop Setup, expiry date is printed on receipt.
IM-6190 - Scheduling VAT changes
When setting a VAT amount within a Tax Group the option set a start date is now available
IM-8393 - G00031 - UK Gap 3.11 - Purchase Order Print or Email PDF
When downloading an order as a PDF it will automatically named based on the number and title.
IM-8912 - Prevent a POS user from entering a negative payment value.
It is not not possible to enter a minus sign ‘-‘ from the physical or on-screen keyboards
IM-8717 - Stock Purchase Order and GRN Close Time not using timezone
Inventory - GRN and PO to have timezone information on them
IM-8424 - G00036 - UK Gap 4.1 - GCON0036 - Goods Receiving from Purchase Order
Inventory - On Goods received, the order selection filter is a combination of the Order Number and the Order Title
IM-7483 - POS - add a Label variable for an item’s current price
The variable {currentPrice} has been added for use in PoS labels




IM-9051 - Purchase order API needs a new field in the purchaseorderline structure
Public api now allows a serialNo to be passed on purchase order lines. Note, Imagine does not support serialised tracking of items


IM-8576 - Item list On-hand range values incorrect when negative (Related to IM-8112)
Fixed the calculation for the range, correctly taking movements in to account
IM-8968 - The connector sets receipt dates to utc time and not local time
Fixed issue where the time on the receipt was UTC and not local time
IM-8852 - Broken buttons
Fixed buttons that were deemed to not function as expected
IM-8707 - Inventory - Stock Lookup Overview - Variant Dimension Information Required
The “Stock Lookup Overview” in the inventory section now shows the variant dimension information
IM-8945 - Create Shops fails
Issue resolved with store creation.
IM-9149 - Error in Simple POS at the theatre
Added in checking for both a successful transaction and payment. If payment fails we show the error message “Payment Failed”, if transaction fails there is a re-attempt process in place with the RBO MS
IM-8428 - RBO - Can’t create new Tax Group
Fixed issue with creating new Tax Groups
IM-8858 - Wrong tax rate used on the POS
Fixed issue with wrong tax rate being used when multiple tax groups assigned
IM-8644 - Kiosk 2 and Simple POS Card Receipt
Card slip is now printed on kiosk 2 or Simple POS transactions
IM-9118 - Public API - Transfers
Fixed a bug on the public api which meant the Transfer ID was not returned when performing a POST request.
IM-9095 - Missing items lines in transfers
Fixed issue with missing item lines within Transfers
IM-8863 - Gift Certificate error - This voucher has expired
Fixed issue with Gift Vouchers being issued expired

RELEASE VERSION: 9th March 2021



IM-7243 - Use default label template in GRN print all functionality
Inventory - change to the print label facility.
IM-6183 - Issue with keyboard on screen blocks for info.
Fixed issue where the unit labels in cash statement were not displayed
IM-8546 - Stock counts - add ‘Select All’ to shop filter and a new date filter
Select All filter added as well as new date filter
IM-8112 - GCON002 Add columns to show the overall on-hand quantity and min/max on-hand for each item
Inventory - shows overall quantity on hand.
IM-8497 - Feature request for Footer and Header for credit notes
Adds CN and GV header and lines to the appropriate receipts. IM-7838 - Inventory - limit connectors shown when printing labels
_Connectors can now be filtered in dropdown selector

IM-8261 - Change length of vendorno in public API
Increased permitted value for Vendor Number to 20 characters
IM-8358 - Add a toggle in Admin->Receipt Setup to hide loyalty
POS/Admin and Connector Update to allow loyalty to be printed on the receipt.
IM-7151 - Feature request: add {itemVendorName} as a label variable
Add {itemVendorName} variable for use. See Help files for further details
IM-5660 - Inventory - Add the possibility in a PO to cancel the remaining quantity
Purchase Order now shows the “Qty Received to date” and allows cancellation from any status after being placed..
IM-6470 - Inventory - update the way Vendor is present on List and Summary
Item summary now shows current vendor and a new field showing any previous vendors. Item list will show the current vendor.
IM-8323 - Inventory - Adding Vendor doesn’t allow to specify Vendor number
Removed obsolete fields from ‘Add Vendor’ within Item Creation process, now only require name and optional Vendor Number.
IM-6430 - Search function for receipts only works if corresponding date is also searched for
Fixed issue where search a receipt it is needed to enter a date
IM-5510 - Define payment types in backoffice by tenant
It is now possible to define your own payment types in the Back Office under Payment Types
IM-5599 - POS Graphs
Improved the visibility of the sales target on the chart and the summarised button now keeps it’s set state.
IM-7132 - PPE - Option to delete unused item bundles
PPE - Ability to delete a bundle that is not attached to a promotion
IM-8229 - Inventory Search Text Box Requires the Quick Clear X Function
“X” has been added to the search box
IM-6684 - PosUI: Clear indication if not connected to connector
POS - Clear indication of connector status


IM-5389 - Kiosk Management -> Product Configurator
IM-5390 - Product Configurator - Remove Item Groups
IM-5564 - Multiple Order Status Displays
IM-8430 - Expand Images
TOP and POP will now allow a user to view images in a bigger full screen lightbox from the item details screen by tapping the image.
IM-7955 - Add Swedish to language picker
SCO - Addition of Swedish to the language picker
IM-4796 - Ability to create multiple composer lists
IM-5068 - Save to Basket in SelfOrder
IM-5278 - ComposerGroup fixes
IM-8595 - Add Analysis Data to all Point-Of-Sale applications
Self Serve - Data added to enable analysis reporting
IM-7691 - Timeslots in OSD - Time Slot Management
The OSD will now allow you to manage your time slots using the new button.
IM-7488 - Hide Order Waiting Time
Kiosk will now have the Waiting Time hidden if the relevant setting is configured in SelfServe Admin
IM-6444 - KFR-86: Terms and Conditions and Other Pages in SelfServeAdmin
Self Serve Admin can now configure your Shop Policies - FAQ, Delivery, Return and Q&A which appear in POP.


IM-5807 - Platform Admin - Connector Management Listing View
Connector management added to platform admin
IM-6480 - Connector Free printer security
Cloud Connector now has an additional security mechanism between the Star Printers and Imagine
IM-5040 - Connector Free End of Day
Cloud Connector now supports End of Day functions, which are now present and processing in the cloud.
IM-5797 - Connector Free - Card Payments
Cloud Connector now supports Adyen as a payment method, ready for piloting.
IM-5786 - Ability for Administrators to Disable 2FA
Platform Admin - Ability to disable 2FA for a user
IM-5834 - Connector Free - Feedback Loop
Cloud Connector now offers a detailed Status endpoint which the POS can use to display meaningful error statuses from the cloud-connected hardware
IM-6517 - Platform Admin - Assign Shop Features
Ability to assign Shop Features within tenants now added to Platform Admin
IM-5804 - Platform Admin - Shop Feature Management
Platform Admin - Shop feature management
IM-6361 - Portal - when using 2FA can the Authentication Code box be in focus?
2FA code entry box now in focus by default, ready for the user to enter their code
IM-8258 - SearchMs: enable verbatim search for strings
Fixed issue to search Receipt in POS without enter dates
IM-7842 - Stock Lookup Exclude Zero stock
Option to exclude zero stock added to Stock Lookup via the API, this will allow negative stock to still be returned.
IM-8044 - Email Customers
Platform Admin - Email to Imagine Portal users or selected group from dropdown list
IM-8249 - Platform Admin - inactive shops in Widgets
Platform Admin - Addition of status column on shop - widgets and shop features
IM-8480 - Platform Admin - Tenant Creation user validation
Platform Admin - User validation
IM-8623 - Portal - remove paging from profile/mymodules
Remove Paging from Module Reorder Screen
IM-8417 - Public API refresh token flow
Added scope option to the public api token request so that the refresh token has to be explicitly requested in order for this to be created
IM-8769 - Public API -Item Stock Update Adjustment Number
Public API Item Stocks Update endpoint now optionally allows user to pass in the adjustment number to be used, if not send this will be auto generated


IM-7925 - Export to Excel feature
Digital VAT UK added option to download selected transaction as CSV file.
IM-8388 - HMRC introduced new FP headers, implement them
Implemented new FP headers
IM-8197 - UI - Update to new side bar, top bar
Digital Tax UK Menu and Sidebar updated to new layout theme
IM-8198 - GW - Update the K3 nuget to enable module pinning feature
IM-7926 - Filter transactions by submission periods
Digital VAT UK when viewing transaction list the filter start and end date is automatically set by choosing a submission period.
IM-8386 - Logs deletion by date ranges
Digital VAT UK Delete logs now only deletes selected date range
IM-8387 - Automatic deletion of logs
Logs older than 1 month are now automatically deleted
IM-8688 - Fix intermittent HMRC communication issues
Resolved intermittent HMRC communication issues


IM-7688 - Clerk login password input not cleared
Simple POS - Fixed bug with password not clearing on input
IM-7066 - SimplePos, isManager for supervisor functions only works the first time
The SimplePOS Is Manager function only worked the first time, this is now fixed
IM-8804 - Fix language file issue in SelfServeAdmin
SelfServeAdmin was displaying dummy langauge strings due to an issue with path based routing which is now resolved.
IM-8493 - Scanning multiple giftlabels at Pos returns wrong value on second label scanned
Fixed issue. Scanning the gift label will return the quantity and items from original receipt, no need to scan all gift labels.
IM-8551 - Issue with calculating loyalty points with return on the imagine POS
Loyalty Points are now returned to the Customer’s balance when performing a return where Loyalty Points were used as payment.
IM-8798 - Card payment withdraws wrong amount of money due to delimiter error
Fixed issue with wrong amount being withdrawn if incorrect delimiter entered
IM-8877 - PoS - all GV and CN are created as expired
Fixed issue with GV and CN’s being expired on creation
IM-7498 - Reports - Sales Analysis Data Not Showing by Item
Fixed issue with Sales Analysis report not showing data by item
IM-7518 - POS: Customer address is not displayed
Fixed issue where customer address was not displayed in POS
IM-7720 - POS Park transactions: Receipt line is cut and not well organised
Fixed bug where the item lines in POS where not organized
IM-8167 - Item Create - Hierarchy Selection can be By-passed
Inventory - Fixed bug with Hierarchy when creating new item
IM-7283 - Customer: Create New group Fields are filled
Removed the placeholders from the fields
IM-7315 - Loyalty - Audit Log: Save Configuration button should not be displayed
Removed Save button from Audit log
IM-7429 - StockMs: Handling of an items alternative barcodes on PurchaseOrders
Corrected the handling of an items alternative barcodes on Purchase Orders
IM-7472 - PPE – Price Field Format not 2 Decimal Places on Promotions Setup
Fixed the decimal place to show as 2 places even when the value is 0
IM-7731 - Admin Shop Setup: Year displayed is 0001
Fixeed the issue where year displayed is 0001
IM-8643 - Customer Module: Primary billing address goes missing after customer is saved in POS
Fixed the issue where the primary billing address was not saved
IM-8527 - POS - Using incorrect delimiter can cause wrong amount to be redeemed
Fixed issue where entering the wrong delimiter would cause incorrect amount to be redeemed
IM-7427 - Tenant Features - Unable to save valid JSON containing an array
Tenant Features now supports arrays and nested json objects
IM-6888 - ExceptionHandlingMiddleware is missing from ms-posidentity
Added exception handling to pos identity service
IM-8422 - Auth code invalid error
Fixed issue where the Auth code was giving an invalid error
IM-8500 - MTD - Time displayed in logs not clear if AM/PM
Time in the logs now displays AM/PM
IM-8693 - CSV Export is missing the Record ID
RecID column now included in Digital Tax UK transactions export of transactions.
IM-7526 - Tile buttons not visible in Composer Groups in Visual Composer
Bug Fix for the ‘x’ in Visual Composer > Composer Groups
IM-8125 - Order Status Display - Set display categories not showing
Order Status Display categories now shows on Tablet devices
IM-7680 - P400 val issue
Fixed a bug in the Verifone pay integration due to a change in data type in mongo
IM-7915 - Extended Receipt not updating correctly on Connector
Extended receipt option now saving correctly in admin and printing.
IM-7882 - Connection string deadlock - ItemManagementMS
IM-7904 - Connection string deadlock - PPE MS
IM-7913 - Vault connection string service manual HTTP client - RBO MS
_Fixes to the RBO Microservice conenction string to improve some stability issues

IM-7951 - Connection string deadlock - CustomerMS
IM-7973 - Connection string deadlock - PeopleCounterMS
Update to the people Counter MS to fix SQL issues
IM-7920 - User details with only one module enabled
Fixed an issue which stopped users being able to access their user details when they only have 1 module enabled
IM-7976 - Public API - Stock Adjustment mapping error
Fixed an error when posting a stock adjustment through the StockAdjustment endpoint on the public api
IM-8656 - Public API - Create Stock take
Public API Stocktake POST request now responds with the created stocktakeId
IM-8313 - ORB: Error 500
Fix issue where ORB could not be loaded
IM-8322 - Discounted Item gift label
Fixed issue where returning discounted item via gift receipt it was showing original sale price
IM-8380 - Username not being validated in the Platform UI
Added validation in platform admin when adding a user to an existing tenant to check if the username already exists
IM-8464 - Visual Composer - ‘Choose a tile type’ menu blank
Visual composer - update tile type menu
IM-8865 - Product Configurator: Restricted quantity and Age restricted are not saved
Fixed issue on Product Configurator where restricted quantity and Age restricted are not saved
IM-8438 - KFR-97: ORB Compatibility with Multiple OSDs
The ORB will now only show orders when all components of the order are completed when using multiple order Status Displays
IM-8477 - UI - Styling of drop down elements are different
Fixed styling of drop down element on transactions page
IM-8565 - UI - Config checkbox update not working
Fixed issue with Settings checkbox not updating
IM-8622 - Companion App Not setting createdBy for GRNs
Companion App now adds the created by when performing a Goods Receipt
IM-8767 - UI - Landing page HMRC auth check
Digital VAT UK - HMRC authorisation status is correctly displayed in a new browser session, even in incognito mode.
IM-8799 - Public API -Item Stock Update not be handle multiple requests
Public API - new endpoint for updating stock to an explicit value which creates the adjustment via a long running background task
IM-9053 - Fetch Timeslots by date in OSD returns incorrect timeslots
OSD was returning incorrect timeslots based upon date.

Other Improvements

IM-7654 - Refactor Search Aggregator Transaction Reindex
Refactored transaction reindex to perform in batches so that it can handle large data
IM-7806 - POP Config (Pick-up, delivery, etc.)
SelfServeAdmin now supports the ability to configure your POP delivery and pickup settings.
IM-7835 - SearchAggregatorMs: Update repository to match recent RboMs migrations
IM-8040 - Public API - fix docker compose file
IM-8307 - Make GW-ProductConfig use ms-itemmanagement.item instead of ms-kiosk.item
IM-8308 - Make GW-VisualComposer use ms-itemmanagement.item instead of ms-kiosk.item
IM-8383 - Improvements on Simple Pos for a small screen size(mobile and android device)
Simple POS - improvements to visual content for mobile devices
IM-8295 - Vault stability issue might be caused by old version of nuget packaged
IM-8331 - New SSP Kiosk Item Import
IM-8587 - Downpayment fields not exposed as part of public API
IM-8677 - Extend CA StockTake review to account for SerialNo

RELEASE VERSION: 23rd February 2021



IM-7901 - Validate Customer Phone Number input against E.164 international standard.
Customer Phone Numbers can now validated against the E.164 international standard, by default this is off but can be activated under the Settings tab in the Customer module.
IM-8261 - Change length of vendorno in public API
Increased permitted value for Vendor Number to 20 characters
IM-8358 - Add a toggle in Admin->Receipt Setup to hide loyalty
POS/Admin and Connector Update to allow loyalty to be printed on the receipt.
IM-7151 - Feature request: add {itemVendorName} as a label variable
Add {itemVendorName} variable for use. See Help files for further details
IM-6470 - Inventory - update the way Vendor is present on List and Summary
Item summary now shows current vendor and a new field showing any previous vendors. Item list will show the current vendor.
IM-8323 - Inventory - Adding Vendor doesn’t allow to specify Vendor number
Removed obsolete fields from ‘Add Vendor’ within Item Creation process, now only require name and optional Vendor Number.
IM-5599 - POS Graphs
Improved the visibility of the sales target on the chart and the summarised button now keeps it’s set state.
IM-8229 - Inventory Search Text Box Requires the Quick Clear X Function
“X” has been added to the search box
IM-6684 - PosUI: Clear indication if not connected to connector
POS - Clear indication of connector status


IM-7955 - Add Swedish to language picker
SCO - Addition of Swedish to the language picker
IM-7689 - Timeslots in OSD - Order Details
OSD can now display and print out orders using a Windows Printer as well as utilise Time Slots which may be configured in SelfServe Admin
IM-7488 - Hide Order Waiting Time
Kiosk will now have the Waiting Time hidden if the relevant setting is configured in SelfServe Admin
IM-6560 - Description shown instead of Name in Stocktake
Inventory->Stocktakes and Good receipt notes now show Item Name instead of item description


IM-5807 - Platform Admin - Connector Management Listing View
Connector management added to platform admin
IM-6517 - Platform Admin - Assign Shop Features
Ability to assign Shop Features within tenants now added to Platform Admin
IM-8044 - Email Customers
Platform Admin - Email to Imagine Portal users or selected group from dropdown list
IM-8249 - Platform Admin - inactive shops in Widgets
Platform Admin - Addition of status column on shop - widgets and shop features


IM-8804 - Fix language file issue in SelfServeAdmin
SelfServeAdmin was displaying dummy langauge strings due to an issue with path based routing which is now resolved.
IM-8493 - Scanning multiple giftlabels at Pos returns wrong value on second label scanned
Fixed issue. Scanning the gift label will return the quantity and items from original receipt, no need to scan all gift labels.
IM-7498 - Reports - Sales Analysis Data Not Showing by Item
Fixed issue with Sales Analysis report not showing data by item
IM-7720 - POS Park transactions: Receipt line is cut and not well organised
Fixed bug where the item lines in POS where not organized _
IM-8167 - Item Create - Hierarchy Selection can be By-passed
_Inventory - Fixed bug with Hierarchy when creating new item

IM-7283 - Customer: Create New group Fields are filled
Removed the placeholders from the fields
IM-7315 - Loyalty - Audit Log: Save Configuration button should not be displayed
Removed ‘Save’ button from Audit log
IM-7472 - PPE – Price Field Format not 2 Decimal Places on Promotions Setup
Fixed the decimal place to show as 2 places even when the value is 0
IM-7748 - Item Hierarchy Label Template Field Disappears
Fixed the tax rate form to include a scroll bar for longer lists
IM-6888 - ExceptionHandlingMiddleware is missing from ms-posidentity
Added exception handling to pos identity service
IM-7526 - Tile buttons not visible in Composer Groups in Visual Composer
Bug Fix for the ‘x’ in Visual Composer > Composer Groups
IM-7915 - Extended Receipt not updating correctly on Connector
Extended receipt option now saving correctly in admin and printing. CONNECTOR UPDATE REQUIRED
IM-7920 - User details with only one module enabled
Fixed an issue which stopped users being able to access their user details when they only have 1 module enabled
IM-8313 - ORB: Error 500
Fix issue where ORB could not be loaded
IM-8380 - Username not being validated in the Platform UI
Added validation in platform admin when adding a user to an existing tenant to check if the username already exists
IM-8363 - Modifiers are always displaying in £
Country specific currency symbol is shown is all areas, including Modifiers
IM-8477 - UI - Styling of drop down elements are different
Fixed styling of drop down element on transactions page

RELEASE: 28th January 2021


Added a new Analysis Module, this has been auto enabled for all tenants using the existing Reports Module. Documentation can be found within the K3 Imagine Documentation Please note the Master Item summary currently will not display by Master Item, this will be fixed in the next release on the 23rd February including historic data

RELEASE VERSION: 26th January 2021



IM-7871 - Item Hierarchy In Inventory Section Has NO Delete Option
Add a Delete option to Item Hierarchy
IM-8105 - Need to be able to print several of the same label at once from Pos
POS Ui now allows you to enter a quantity when printing a label for an item from the search _
IM-5941 - External VoucherID in imagine
_External VoucherID supported allowing 3rd Party systems to create vouchers

IM-2744 - Transaction report - Load More button not showing more records
Fixed Load More button to pull in more transactions and displays them on screen
IM-7336 - GW - Align HMRC fraud prevention header to the latest spec
HMRC fraud prevention header updated to latest spec
IM-7745 - View transactions from the 9-Box calculations
Button added to view the transactions from the 9-box calculation.
IM-7144 - Search/filter transactions endpoint - MS+GW
Endpoints added to allow for filtering of transactions on date range
IM-7191 - Log everything related to the following events transaction import, transaction clear, user login, HMRC auth - MS+GW
Logs extended to include a range of events
IM-7140 - Search/filter transaction - UI
Search/Filter function added to Transactions page, can filter on date range and can exclude submitted transactions
IM-7190 - View/Clear logs - UI
Logs tab added to menu that include range of event details and ability to be cleared down.
IM-7264 - Customer: It is not possible remove an address
Fixed bug where after clicking Add new address was not possible to undo this action
IM-7811 - PPE Enhancement - Master item filter
Added the ability to input a master item on item bundle creation.
IM-7906 - UI - Add date to view already submitted transaction
Date range for the submissions now shows on the page when viewing that submission period.
IM-7960 - UI - submission page needs date filter
Date range filter has been added to the submissions page
IM-8134 - New SideBar/TopBar for All Imagine Modules
Implemented new top bar and side bar in the retail suite
IM-8315 - UI - Show/hide already submitted transaction
Switch added to show/hide submitted transactions when performing a search.
IM-8318 - UI - Delete dialog user feedback changes
Dialog added for deleting transactions that shows date range and number of transaction to be included.
IM-8354 - Status page in POS
Implemented the Platform status in the ellipsis menu of the POS
IM-8368 - UI - Brexit 9 box text changes
_Text within 9 box submissions updated to reflect leaving EU _


IM-6622 - SelfServe Admin - Pathmap
User able to create POP Path Map in Self Serve Admin
IM-8126 - Implementation of Top Bar and Side Bar
Implemented new topbar/sidebar in the Self Serve applications


IM-4811 - New Sidebar/TopBar
New Sidebar implemented into the Portal and Platform Admin
IM-7173 - Portal - alter error message for log on
Portal - Better explanation when login not working/
IM-8252 - Platform Admin - add Rest button to clear search criteria
Platform Admin - Reset button for search _
IM-7750 - Platform Admin - Partners - Add Tenant/User to Partners
_Platform Admin - Add Tenant/User to Partners

IM-8199 - Status page link in portal
Added a link in the portal for the Imagine status page
IM-8352 - Status Page in portal
Added Imagine platform status to the portal dashboard


IM-8270 - POS - paying with Gift Certificate asks for value
Fixed an issue where paying with a Gift Certificate was asking for an amount instead of the certificate number.
IM-8260 - ItemUI cannot load
Fixed a bug which caused item management to display a blank page on load
IM-7580 - POS [Sell Set]: Issue when type a barcode to Set start
Fixed master item query on sell set
IM-8069 - Assigned Clerk Role Code not displayed
Fixed a bug where the clerk role code was not displayed correctly
IM-7449 - PosUI: removing a weborder from receipt
When removing a web order from the transaction window this now sets the quantity on hand and quantity reserved back to its previous state so that the web order can be processed at another time
IM-8206 - Clerk language not displayed after saving
Solved a bug where the Clerk language was not displayed after saving
IM-7683 - POS: Can not remove a discount on gift certificate
Fixed bug where could not remove a discount from gift certificate
IM-7670 - POS Item group: Issue on the text in the Filter button
Fixed typo in Filter _
IM-8208 - PPE Promotion display doesn’t handle long description gracefully
_Fixed issue where PPE Promotion page display became distorted by long item descriptions

IM-8279 - MTD MS - Logs are not logging for 500 errors
MTD logs now recording 500 errors
IM-8271 - Deletion of transactions errors out
Fixed issue where deleting transactions caused an error
IM-7959 - UI - the menu gone missing on reload on 9 box calculation page
Fixed issue with the menu not showing on reload of submission page.
IM-5553 - Duplicate voucher bounces
Fixed an issue which caused an attempt to resend a voucher to the backend which resulted correctly in a duplicate voucher response
IM-5556 - StockMs uses a lot of memory
Fixed a memory leak within stock ms
IM-7259 - Customer: fields should be validated in New Customer form
Fixed the validation on Customer fields
IM-7429 - StockMs: Handling of an items alternative barcodes on PurchaseOrders
Corrected the handling of an items alternative barcodes on Purchase Orders
IM-6957 - Fix connector receipt mapping
Fixed issue with Connector parsing old receipts
IM-8401 - Request to /sales returns 500 on the KioskGW
Setting virtual connector does not trigger an error on the payment
IM-8287 - Visual Composer: Can not edit the Visual Profiles
Fixed the visual profile not editable
IM-8266 - DEV - Tenant creation failing via Platform Admin
Fixed an issue when inserting demo data on new tenants
IM-8286 - UI - New sidebar
Fixed to the new top/sidebar
IM-8365 - UI - Transactions page, submission ID missing
Submission id not visible against transaction if user selects to include submitted transactions in the search.
IM-8400 - Public API - POST Error 500 on PO
POSTing a Purchase order through the public API was causing an error 500. This is now fixed

Other Improvements

IM-6007 - Version number in POS UI does not reflect released version
POS - Now reflects the correct released version.

RELEASE VERSION: 12th January 2021



IM-7458 - Get certification from Mobile Pay
Obtained certification from Mobile Pay
IM-6965 - Vendor Number Length
Vendor No. length increased to allow 10 digits
IM-7436 - Goods received missing information in view when created from API
Goods receipt notes within inventory now display the Number,notes and description fields _
IM-3002 - RBO - Warn user of duplicates of the same combination of Reason Code
_Added a warning to the user of duplicates of the same combination of Reason Code

IM-2997 - RBO - The clerk pin should be hashed in DB
Clerk password are not encrypted in the DB
IM-6777 - Grid of Logs doesn’t give enough information
Item movements tab within inventory now allows you to choose the columns to display, along with this extra columns have been added to show Barcode and Item No
IM-5372 - See balance of loyalty points on printed receipt
The receipt will now show the Loyalty Points earned on the transaction and the currently available to spend points, these are minus any in quarantine.This ticket requires a connector reboot
IM-7812 - PPE Enhancement - Limit the promotions to store(s)
PPE Enhancement to limit the promotions to store(s)
IM-8277 - Kiosk GW - Custom order numbers


IM-5327 - TOP - Payment abstraction
Payment will be based on the payment provider in SelfServeAdmin
IM-6809 - New greek translations
Added missing Greek translations to Kiosk for modifiers and min/max
IM-6811 - Nets Android integration
Simple POS can now take payments on the Castles S1 Android POS device through the NETS integration
IM-7721 - OSD - Order Details: Collection / Delivery
Order Status Display now shows an icon to indicate if an order is for delivery or pick up in store


IM-7148 - User Management UI from Platform Admin -> Portal
User management moved from Platform Admin to the Portal and upgraded UI
IM-7648 - Platform Admin - Users page UI/UX
Updated the UI of the User Management module in the Portal
IM-6585 - Portal - warn when removing all tenant admin user
Warning now given if you are removing a Tenant Admin, unable to disable your own user and a green highlight has been added to Tenant Admin users.
IM-6841 - Integration Management
Platform Admin - Create, edit and update integrators and integrations
IM-8046 - Platform Admin - Integrator Search
Platform Admin - Add Search to Integrators


IM-7844 - Customer Import - Address Name
Customer Import for the Public API now links Primary Billing Name and Primary Shipping Name to the customer
IM-7301 - PO Item Group Filter Doesn’t Work
Fixed an issue where the PO Item Group filter doesn’t work
IM-7627 - Multi label print failing 504
Changed the label print implementation to use batches so that it now can handle a large number of labels.
IM-8239 - PoS - gift labels scan as the transaction total and not the item price
Fixed a bug where gift labels scan as the transaction total and not the item price
IM-7759 - Employee report only shows Shops
Employee report now has Clerks grouping available
IM-7323 - Create New Customer: No warning when using an existing External Unique ID
Fixed bug where no warning was displayed when entering an existing Unique ID
IM-7194 - In the shop overview of the backoffice the Primary group stays empty
Backoffice - Primary Group column in Shops list now populated correctly
IM-7227 - Shipping address - make county not mandatory
POS - County field no longer mandatory
IM-7548 - PoS - setting Spanish as shop language has a negative effect on PoS
Added support for Spanish
IM-7604 - POS: Spelling error for incorrect password
Text for incorrect password is fixed
IM-7826 - 4 Digit POS ID - Cannot sell vouchers or credit notes
Fixed issue with selling vouchers and credit notes when the POS ID is 4 digits
IM-7712 - Changing datatype of custom attributes breaks UI if attribute is already in use
Fixed a bug where changing datatype of custom attributes breaks the UI if attribute is already in use
IM-7635 - PPE Item Bundle Custom Attribute Type
PPE - Create a bundle with a customer attribute text filter
IM-3095 - User logging in Firefox fails
Fixed error logging in to Portal using Firefox browser
IM-7451 - Voucher printing formatting of receiptId This ticket requires a connector reboot_
Corrected formatting of receipt barcode when printing vouchers
IM-6632 - Portal - Tab no shown as active on reload
Fixed incorrect highlighting of the active tab in the top bar on refresh of Portal
IM-7099 - SelfServe Apps using ARM: IP undefined
Simple POS and Kiosk will now show a message if the Connector does not have a valid IP address. This can occur if entering these applications just after configuring a new connector
IM-8021 - POP is being indexed in search engines
Added noindex tags to POP UI so that this is not indexed by search engines
IM-8023 - Inventory - Item Creation edit item save button not working
Inventory - Details entered on the Variants edit screen are now saved
IM-8114 - Inventory - Cannot add extra items to an existing GRN
Fix a bug in Inventory where you could not add extra items to an existing GRN

Other Improvements

IM-8118 - Update Order model for Order endpoint in PublicAPI
Update Order model for Order endpoint in PublicAPI to reflect changes made to ms-orb
IM-6575 - Product Configurator Version update+Translate
Product configurator now supports additional language strings. Only en-gb currently available
IM-7628 - Update SearchAgg and SearchMS with DisplayInKitchenProperties
Added self serve information to Item data within Elastic search

RELEASE VERSION: 8th December 2020



IM-7435 - The field with item no. is missing when opening an item card in imagine.
Inventory UI now shows the master item and item no on the summary and matrix tab
IM-4011 - Cash Statement Reconcile all payment Types
Now have the ability to reconcile all payment types in the POS. These can be configured in Backoffice=>Payment Types menu
IM-424 - Item/Inventory UI - Select Default Label Template
Add ability to set default label template on Item Hierarchy which then sets the default on the item
IM-6668 - Print labels from Purchase order
PO now has the ability to print labels in a similar fashion to GRNs
IM-6670 - Backoffice - Expand template field
Expanded the Template field in the label templates within the Backoffice module
IM-6671 - backoffice - print test label
Added the ability to print a test label from within the backoffice label templates screen
IM-6394 - Inventory - label prices to honour regional settings for currency
Inventory - label prices now honour regional settings for currency based on a shops language
IM-6559 - Inventory - add Vendor Item Number column to Item import spreadsheet
Added Vendor Item Number to the inventory item import
IM-5969 - Inventory - increase the field length for Manufacturer Item No:
Changed Manufacturer Item No to 30 characters
IM-4070 - Copy purchase order
Added the ability to copy an existing Purchase Order within the Inventory Module
IM-4804 - Inventory PO bulk export template - Vendor Item No should be read only
In Inventory bulk export for Purchase orders the Vendor Item No is now read only
IM-7219 - Add default label template to master item
It is now possible to select a Default Label Template on the Master Item and during Item Creation
IM-6669 - Adding new print variables
Added {masterItemNo} as a variable that can be used in Label Templates
IM-7203 - Custom attribute and dimension selectors for label templates
Added custom attribute and dimension selectors in Label Templates
IM-6487 - Disable CARD payment type if no integration is selected for the connector
If no integrated card terminal is setup within Admin then the Card payment option no longer shows in the POS
IM-7213 - MS Stock Modifications
Added GET Stocktakes and GET Stocktake counts to the Public Api
IM-7214 - Public API - Output StockTake
Added a new GET endpoint for stocktakes in the public api
IM-5355 - Adding custom attributes to existing item
Adding a required attribute to an existing item now prompts the user to confirm they want to proceed
IM-4093 - Edit gift receipt in Admin
Under Receipts in Admin module can now add lines to a Header or Footer on Vouchers


IM-6621 - SelfServe Admin - Payment provider config
Self Serve Admin - Add payment provider selection
IM-6948 - Multilanguage shop config
Self Serve Admin - Allow per shop language to be configured.


IM-7189 - Public API - Item Hierarchy Tax Codes
Public API now allows for tax codes to be assigned to Item Hierarchy in the same way that the UI allows.
IM-7216 - Password Reset
Tenant Administrators can now reset user passwords through User Management in the Portal, option to force user to change the password on login can be selected. _ IM-5970 - Platform Admin - Tenant Apps Report
_A Report that can be exported of App by Tenant _ IM-6518 - Platform Admin - Assign Widgets
_Platform Admin users can now easily apply Widgets across all shops they have access to

IM-3456 - Public API stock lookup should include shopId
Added ShopId query parameter option to all stock lookup endpoints in the public api
IM-5340 - Public API - improve error message for Master Item POST failed
Public api item endpoints, the barcode is a required field so will return an error message if the barcode is not included
IM-6130 - Public API - Currency Price on Items
Through the public api currency prices can now be added and updated through the item and Master Item endpoints
IM-6317 - Public API - Add Vendor Item No in PUT and POST item
Added VendorItemNo property to PUT/POST on Item requests in the public api
IM-6816 - Public API -loyalty Endpoints
Added Public API endpoints to get customer loyalty balance and update loyalty balance
IM-7864 - Public API - Goods Receipt Line Serial Number
Goods Receipt Endpoints on the public api now include the serial number on the goods receipt line


IM-5171 - Inventory-ItemList Copy MasterItem not working
Fixed a bug which caused copying of items to fail in Inventory
IM-7278 - Portal UI Roles Gateway Permissons not working
Fixed a bug causing an error on the roles. Roles can now only be updated/assigned by the tenant admin
IM-7394 - 500 error on page size in visual composer
Fixed a 500 error on page size in Visual Composer, caused when viewing Composer Tiles. Note: a database re-index may also be required alongside this fix
IM-7117 - Image scaling on Kiosk with Selected Item
Fixes an issue of Image scaling on Kiosk
IM-7495 - Delete Composer Group - Toaster UI issue
Visual Composer - Delete Composer group
IM-7829 - Differences in balancing of cash accounts
Fixed issue with differences showing on Cash Statement where change not taken into account.
IM-7739 - Cannot Commit GRN - Duplicate GRN lines
Stock MS now aggregates goods receipt lines so that when these come in through the public api these do not cause errors when receiving the goods
IM-7671 - Scanning a Receipt for Return Doesn’t Work With 4-Digit POSID
Fixed issue with scanning receipts where the POSID is 4 digits
IM-7771 - Stock UI -Transfers closed can be changed
Fixed a bug which allowed transfers to be saved after closing or the receive all button to be pressed after close
IM-7679 - Search in Inventory list
Fixed an issue in the inventory item search so that it will match on multiple words
IM-7870 - No lines added when doing a new transfer
Item No and Description are now showing when item added to a Transfer Out
IM-7322 - Create new customer: Warn about currency after change every field
Warn about currency it is not displayed after leaving every field
IM-7383 - Add new Customer: Issue with long names
First name and last name fields are limited to 50 characters
IM-7818 - Gift card and credit note not cutting paper
Fixed an issue where vouchers/credit notes were not being cut by the receipt printer
IM-6739 - InventoryUI: No feedback about a discarded barcode
Inventory UI now has an error show when you try to add a barcode to an existing item and the barcode already belongs to another item.
IM-5571 - Inventory Part receive PO
When receiving a Goods Receipt Note from a Purchase Order and performing a partial receive, When creating further Goods Receipt Notes this will then show only the remaining quantities of items to receive.
IM-7269 - Can’t Add Addition Dimension Value to Existing Item
Fixed issue with adding a new dimension value to existing Item
IM-7626 - Clerk sent to daily closure module when pressing Cancel button at item lookup
Fixed a bug which caused the item search cancel button to route to the cash statement screen
IM-7334 - Voucher amount not correct
Fixed an issue where spending on a Gift voucher resulted in wrong amount being deducted.
IM-7274 - Inventory - missing scroll bar on Matrix grid
Scroll bar has been added to Dimension Matrix within Goods Receipt
IM-5063 - POS - failed payment lines are reprinted when transaction completed
Failed payment lines no longer being printed
IM-2649 - RboMS - When changing a Shop’s local currency, remove the existing exchange rates
Changing shop currency will remove any existing exchange rates set against the old currency.
IM-5383 - POS - Credit note prints copy
Credit Note receipt copy no longer being printed.
IM-6742 - In Report - sales analysis - on clerks no figures
Figures for the Clerk series are now returned in the Sales Analysis Report
IM-7120 - Web Order decreases item stock but does not create an item movement
When processing a Web order on the POS this will now create a corresponding stock movement for the items if the barcode exists in Imagine
IM-7289 - Creating credit card receipt for every gift receipt printed
Fixed a bug on the Connector which meant a credit card receipt was printed for every item marked to print a gift receipt and the payment method was card.
IM-7196 - InventoryUI: Adding barcodes to items during item creation
Fixed issue when editing a barcode on variant during item creation threw an error.
IM-7729 - Create Item SAVE button creates Duplicate Items
When saving the new item the Save button is disabled until the request is completed
IM-7312 - Inventory - matrix tab missing Name field
Fixed a bug which meant the item name was not shown in the matrix tab within inventory when the item only had 1 variant _
IM-7438 - GRN/PO matrix grid Item Dimension Sequence
_Matrix grid in inventor->Goods Receipt now shows the items in the order as set by the dimension sequence

IM-6792 - Customer - Update currency on empty field
Currency field is now a required field, if the field is left blank using the PublicAPI then it will default to the tenant currency.
IM-6791 - Customer: Export not containing data
No. of visits is now updating as expected, Total Spent is the running total purchased on Account
IM-7402 - Inventory: Tax Rate should not have Select all option
Select all value was removed
IM-6567 - Item - cannot make a top level hierarchy
Moved Item Hierarchy over to Inventory and added validation to prevent duplicate Codes
IM-7271 - Customer: Issue on Focus for the correct tab
The focus is on the correct tab
IM-7266 - Customer: Address Name field is filled by default
Address name field is fixed. It is not filled by default anymore
IM-7272 - Customer: Unassociate button remove the Customers before click on Save
Save button is disabled when associated customers tab is selected.
IM-7101 - Public API - Blank StockTake adds all shop articles
Fixed issue where creating a blank Stocktake via the PublicAPI added all items _
IM-7499 - Modifier Group - Number Picker - Modifier details missing
_Fixed bug to modifier group where the modifier details were missing

IM-7690 - Manual Card and Cash button cause error
Fixed an error when running simple pos on the castles device and paying on cash or card
IM-7815 - Portal Users
Fixed a bug when a large amount of users and roles caused the users to show a continuous spinner on the portal
IM-7846 - Not able to find items in Stock look-up
Fixed a bug which meant items were showing as not found on the stock lookup
IM-7964 - Incorrect Items removed from Elasticsearch
Fixed a bug which caused items to be deleted from ES incorrectly
IM-8019 - Inventory local prices
fixed a bug which caused the local prices step in item creation to display incorrect fields

Other Improvements

IM-7770 - Public API - Transfer does not contain location id but name
Public API GET Transfers now includes both from and to location Ids as well as the name
IM-6540 - Kitchen Display -> Order Status Display
Rename of Kitchen Display to Order Status Display
IM-6859 - Better caption on dropdown when adding new composer tile
Adding Search caption to dropdowns in Visual Composer
IM-6073 - Customer UI always uses en-gb
Implemented language support in the customer module
IM-7065 - SimplePos/Kiosk start screen image comes from Visual Profile
SimplePOS and Kiosk start screen images now comes from the visual profile

RELEASE VERSION: 11th November 2020



IM-5187 - Add connector name on Z-report
Connector Name now shows on the top of the printed Z Report
IM-4920 - Customer turnover for export


IM-7240 - Visual Composer - Add image preview
Within Visual Composer > Composer Groups - This allow the preview of an image url before saving to ensure it is correct.


IM-4889 - Create Platform Admin App
IM-5358 - POC - Connector Free Receipt Printing (and opening cash draw)
IM-6972 - Generate Welcome Email and Password on User Creation
IM-3138 - Add to DeviceWorker_Pay all payment modalities necessary for full POS operation (Verifone)


IM-5501 - Public API - Create multiple vendors
Fixed an issue on the Public API which threw an error when trying to create multiple vendors on the Vendor/vendors endpoint
IM-6656 - Email Receipts Missing 0
This fixes the second decimal on the emailed receipts within selforder
IM-6655 - Email Receipts Missing Currency Symbol
this puts the currency symbol on the email receipt from SelfOrder
IM-7450 - Public API - Shop endpoints return locationId
In Public API GET Shops endpoints we now return the locationId which is used in other public api requests for Stock
IM-6751 - Expense payed out on card give cash difference in cash statement
A change has been made to the POS so that expenses can only be paid on Cash payment type.
IM-5500 - Public API - Create stocktake response
Fixed a bug in the public api which led to a 500 response when creating a partial stocktake which included no selection. This now results in a blank stocktake.
IM-6186 - Text “gift certificate” does not appear on e-mail receipt
Fixed an issue which caused Gift certificates to be excluded from the emailed receipt
IM-3515 - RBO - it’s not possible to set VAT on GV when creating new store
Option to set the VAT on GV now appears once the the Primary Group has been added to the shop
IM-3124 - RBO - Data Export. It is possible to start an export with mandatory fields missing
All fields are now validated before export can be started
IM-3125 - RBO - Data Export. The time difference between the Created and Completed is incorrect
The Created time and Completed time are now showing correctly.
IM-5549 - PoS - Email receipt does not show item comments for Item Group
Item Group comments added on a transaction are now included in the email receipt
IM-7120 - Web Order decreases item stock but does not create an item movement
When processing a Web order on the POS this will now create a corresponding stock movement for the items if the barcode exists in Imagine
IM-7437 - Inventory GRN/PO Matrix Grid
Fixed a bug which caused the matrix grid to show as a blank box once a quantity was set. This occurred on items with large amounts of item variants.
IM-7603 - Hourly Sales Report
Fixed the hourly sales report to correctly display data by hour. This also include People Counter data entered through the API
IM-7501 - Public API : Basket Endpoint 404
The public api endpoint is now aligned to use the new PPE design.
IM-5815 - Signup UI special characters in username
A change to Signup UI to only allow the following special characters to be allowed -,.@_
IM-7544 - On Cancel payment transaction was still going trough and UI showing success
This fixes the issue where if the user cancels the payment at the PED but the transaction completes on imagine.

Other Improvements

IM-7434 - Inventory NL Translations
IM-7492 - POS NL Translation

RELEASE VERSION: 28th October 2020



IM-7193 - Reports - Re-worked 7 standard reports
IM-5087 - Search field in the POS is partial
IM-3626 - Change Backoffice Shops overview to use a datagrid
IM-6676 - Display stock info when creating purchase order
Qty On Hand and Qty on other PO is now available via the Column Chooser on the Data Grid
IM-6674 - Backoffice - Hide markup and deduct amount on Vendor
IM-6689 - Manufacturing item number, vendor item number in item creation
IM-6688 - Hierarchy notes as the first starting point
IM-6488 - Inventory - add Vendor Item Number to PO’s
IM-6059 - POS - better user feedback for form filling
When the keyboard appears on the POS the current field name now appears next to the input field.


IM-5712 - Buying Bundles (Meals)
IM-7094 - Lounge - Delivery threshold depends on Delivery charge
Within Self Serve lounge the free delivery threshold is now disabled until a Delivery charge has been entered
IM-4955 - API endpoint for validating tenant, shop and table
IM-4905 - Create SelfOrder UI
Creation of the Self Order UI
IM-5010 - Fix CORS error on SelfOrder app
IM-4925 - 500 response on add tile to composer group
IM-4931 - Remove authentication from GW
IM-4934 - Create BasketButton + BasketModal Component
IM-5167 - Validate ComposerTiles when adding them
IM-7105 - Lounge - Change Address step to be UK specific
Self Self Lounge Shop Set up has now been updated to use a UK format address _
IM-7107 - Lounge - Modify payment warning text
_Self Serve Lounge now has a warning when setting up the tenant to show the user that the OB Payments can be used for trial/demo purposes


IM-5034 - Tenant Creation in Platform Admin
IM-3434 - Tenant Features
Added Tenant Features to the internal use Platform Admin
IM-7147 - connectorId exposed in the Cash API
Added the ConnectorId the the Public API response for Morning Amounts and Daily Closure.
IM-6693 - Return Code in Transaction Response in API
Public API POST Transaction endpoint, response now includes the returnCode and returnDescription.


IM-7270 - Integration GW - Upsert Master Item new Item
Fixed a bug in the integration GW which caused an error when trying to add an item to an existing Master Item using the Upsert MasterItem endpoint. Added mapping in the integration GW for manufacturerMasterItemNo.
IM-4305 - GET CondimentGroup using id returns a 204
Fixed a bug in Kiosk MS which caused a 204 to be returned when getting Condiment Groups by ID
IM-7135 - Customer module: Account currency not saved
It is no longer possible to save a Customer without the Account Currency being set
IM-5287 - Wrong total calculation on NOK
IM-7027 - Error in Z-report fixed
IM-4289 - GET condimentGroup API not returning body
Fixed a bug in Kiosk MS which caused a 204 response to be returned on the CondimentGroup endpoints
IM-2921 - PoS - Fixed an issue where Clerk login can be used on another tenant
IM-6568 - POS throws error when returning receipt while customer widget is enabled
Fixed issue where returning a customer transaction with more than one discount applied would cause an error
IM-7226 - Fixed issue with Return receipt not being printed Fixed a bug in the POS UI which allowed the user to start a payment before the item requests had finished. This caused the POS to fall into a strange state on the payment
IM-7181 - Can’t see recieve goods list overview fixed
IM-7288 - Goods Receipt Note Save and Commit fixed
Fixed a bug within Inventory UI => Receive Goods, which allowed the user to click Save & Commit multiple times when posting a Goods Receipt Note
IM-7235 - Stock GRN RecordedBY value now not NULL
IM-7162 - Creating new dimensions adds imagine created barcodes
IM-7260 - Fixed issue where specific retailers can’t do offline sales
Fixed a bug which caused Offline cache to return no results due to historic link to Item Units which is now obsolete
IM-7268 - Inventory - Item Import Barcodes not created in barcode table
IM-7199 - Fixed Customer Display to use NL Language
Added support for nl-nl , fi-fi and de-de in Customer Display
IM-7287 - Inventory - Markup calculation confusing
IM-7015 - InventoryUI: Fixed issue when adding barcodes to items with only one variant
IM-6921 - Simple Pos, not to make sale go through after POS device throws error
IM-7075 - Lounge - Item duplication when editing items
Fixed a bug in Self Serve Lounge which caused items to be duplicated when editing an existing item
IM-7096 - Lounge - Omitting company logo causes Pop to fail
IM-7153 - Platform Admin - Tenant expiry showing a date when set to Never
IM-7504 - ‘Print Label’ on GRN defaults to printing 1 label and should assume the quantity on the GRN for that line
Fixed a bug which meant only 1 label was printed from Inventory=>Receive Goods, when pressing Print label on an item line. This will now print the quantity being received.

Other Improvements

IM-6484 - SCO compatibility with Visual Composer: Data fetching/storage
IM-6835 - Update ReportUI/GW to support reworked generic reports
IM-4853 - Update HttpClientExtension to handle different 4xx status codes from MSs on Kiosk Gateway
Added additional handling of 4xx status codes in Kiosk GW
IM-4890 - Speed up getting ComposerListEntries
_Improved speed of the ComposerListEntries being returned _
IM-7154 - OrderNumber on email receipt from TOP & POP
IM-7433 - Merged in Admin NL Translations

RELEASE VERSION: 14th October 2020


Public API

IM-7152 - Faster stock lookup endpoint IM-6618 - Create Transactions IM-7005 - Shop Budget uploads


IM-6814 - Release SimplePOS IM-7002 - Optional receipt print and email


IM-5395 - Visual Profiles IM-6307 - Visual Profiles in Apps IM-5739 - Visual Composer - Breadcrumbs IM-5746 - Visual Composer - Pagination on Shops List


IM-7026 - Mock API



IM-7177 - Translation error message when logging into the portal IM-6625 - Sidebar Icons Missing


IM-7023 - Invalid Clerk message when logging in to POS IM-6796 - Not possible to use 2 gift vouchers in one transaction

Public API

IM-7136 - Item Update failing IM-7202 - PUT customer by external unique id</span></li>


IM-6964 - POP signup process fails</span></li>


IM-7103 - Prevent user from going to next step until requests complete


IM-7262 - Update of language in Portal not working


IM-7184 - Can’t receive goods

RELEASE VERSION: 30th September 2020


Platform Admin

IM-6623 - User Management


IM-4384 - Show margin when creating a product IM-6409 - Make Item List the default landing tab


Cloud Connector

IM-6986 - Tidy Receipt and Adyen Payments


IM-6268 Path Based Routing



IM-6031 - Customer Loyalty table - Shop, POS, Balance and Spend display changes IM-7146 - Last Visit date in Customer Details not updating IM-6599 - Account Deposit not updating Customer Balance IM-6579 - CustomerMS cannot process transactions IM-7097 - Customer History transaction totals wrong


IM-6830 - Positive discount is shown on the receipt IM-6839 - External Vouchers error IM-6620 - Handling of returned account deposits IM-5544 - Customer Widget shipping address lists twice


IM-6583 - Error when adding permission to a role IM-6631 - No feedback when editing a user and saving


IM-6781 - RBO Currency conversion fail IM-5551 - Hierarchy nodes cannot be updated in backoffice IM-5550 - Fails when sending emails IM-5370 - Expire button on Credit Memo alignment

Stock Management

IM-6775 - Logs for adjustments doesn’t filter by store

Platform Admin

IM-6887 - Changing expiration date via UI doesn’t update POSIdentity.Tenant IM-7137 - Required fields when editing tenant not populated


IM-6357 - Timeout issues in Inventory Module IM-7045 - Change barcode on an item


IM-6909 - When saving connector the page fails to reload